Do I like Kyle?

A new year, how can 2006 already be upon us? I am not sure whether or not all of your 2005's flew by, but sure did for me. Oh, where are my manners, Happy New Year everyone!

Ok, down to business...I have been looking over info on Kyle Lohse, and I am trying to determine whether or not I should be pleased by the twins keeping him. Here is Kyle, at a glance from 2001 through 2005:

YEAR    G     W     L    ERA
2001    19    4     7    5.68
2002    32    13    8    4.23
2003    33    14   11    4.61
2004    35    9    13    5.34
2005    31    9    13    4.18

Now, to me, looking at the numbers, and from watching Lohse pitch for the past three years, it seems that the twins are really making a mistake trying to hold on to this guy. Just for kicks, I checked over on Roger's updated budget estimation* and found that Lohse may make 4.5 million dollars in 2006.

*Here is roger's post:

Now, for a never more than 14 game winner, and a consistent 4.00 to 4.50 ERA pitcher, it seems a bit foolish to keep Lohse around for that money. And, dear friends, let us not forget that this is the brilliant man who took a baseball bat to the manager's door last season. These reasons make me want to cheer for his being traded away, but for some reason, I feel he NEEDS to stay, and obviously, the twins feel the same, that makes me wonder, why is that? Here is the best I can come up with.

It was said many times last year at John's TT, that a team's 4th starter doesn't need to be great, just better than the other teams 4th starter. Could this be the case for keeping Lohse? Could the reason be that almost every analyst on earth knows that Kyle has amazing "stuff" and the twins don't want to give up on the potential? Or, could the reason just be that the twins know what they will get from Lohse, and that is much more comforting than the uncertainty of Liriano, or a Matt Guerrier? Frankly, that is my guess.

We all saw that Liriano has a huge potential upside, but he isn't "ready." Personally, I feel Guerrier is a good 5th starter option, but Scott Baker isn't ready to be a 4th starter. Joe Mays is gone, and really, beyond that, there is nobody banging at the door. And, of the options available, I find myself agreeing that Lohse is the best fit...even if I have bile collecting in my throat saying that I agree.

I have never been a Lohse fan, and I am not thinking this will be the year I jump on his bandwagon. But as my father has said, "you don't have to like someone to work with them;" and frankly, the twins management is right...Lohse is the right guy to work with...for this year anyway. Is he worth the 4.5 million??? Well, that is another story for another day.

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