Trading Prospects

I thought I'd throw open this question:

What minor leaguers would you look to trade this season if there is a glaring need--cough, third base, cough-- that emerges at the major league level?  

Here's what I have in mind:

I'm a big believer in young players and giving them opportunities.  That said, sometimes you have to sacrifice prospects for major league upgrades-see Luis Castillo.  

What I'm looking for isn't a list of the guys you don't like, but rather who you think might have value on the market (other teams have scouts, too), AND that you would be willing to part with in a reasonable deal (obviously we'd all be willing to give up anyone in the farm system for David Wright.  That's not what I'm talking about). Obviously, the value of all of these guys will go up if they get off to good starts this year, but I'd be willing to move any of the following:  

  1. Denard Span.  The one guy on this list that I actively don't like as a prospect.  For every player like this that turns into a useful regular (Juan Pierre), there are 10 who flame out.  Guys who have NO power at all have real trouble maintaining their walk rates as they move up.  Then you're left with a guy who maybe hits a completely empty .280.  Center field is going to have to be addressed, but Span isn't the answer in my opinion, and if another team values him, I'd move him.  
  2. Boof Bonser.  If he gets off to a good start, he could interest some teams.  I think he'll get squeezed in this system.  With a 6th starter like Liriano, and a huge wave of arms coming up behind him, he's expendable.
  3. Glen Perkins.  A guy who should have a major league career, but with so many arms, and hopefully 2 star-level lefties in the rotation, I think he's expendable.
  4. Alex Romero.  Another guy I like, but I think maybe we overvalue him because there are so many more arms in the system than bats.  He might wind up being a regular in the majors, but he also might be something of a tweener--not good enough defensively to play center, not enough power/offense for a corner. I'd have to swallow hard to do it, but I'd move him.  
  5. Adam Harben.  Another arm.  Lacks the control that the Twins covet, at least so far.  Could absolutely emerge by improving this, and it would be hard to let him go if he does, but again, there are so many arms in the system right now.  
What do you think?
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