Eddie G. - Twins Come and Go!

Well, here's a surprise. The screwed up bullpen in Cincinnati has a new look, with Eddie Guarado and cash coming over to Nephew Wayne's home for former Twins.

Eddie joins Javier Valentin, Joe Mays, Eric Milton, Juan Castro and, believe it or not, the near ready to pitch again Grant Balfour in a Reds uniform. Former Twin Quinten McCracken was cut loose to make room for Eddie.

Milwaukee cut loose Chad Moeller. But still have former Twins Damien Miller and Corey Koskie about, as well as spring training almost guy Rick Helling.

Danny Ardoin is coming off the DL to catch again for Colorado.

Rob Bowen is catching up a storm in San Diego.

I was surprised not to see lefty Joe Beimel come out of the Dodger bullpen during the recent interleague series.

Terry Mulholland and Kevin Jarvis both got chances with the Diamondbacks, and are now looking for other jobs.

Never knew that Eric Munson, who the Twins tried at third a couple of spring trainings ago, would turn into the new Matt LeCroy at Houston.

Mike Ryan was up briefly with the AtlantanBraves before returning to Richmond.

Anyone catch that Aaron Fultz actually started a game for the Phillies (never again). If you throw left-handed and breath, youc an find work.

Matt LeCroy shouldn't be in the National league. He's still warming the bench for the Nationals who are paying a hefty sum to Christain Guzman to do nothing. Former Twins farmhand Saul Rivera is filling in nicely in the bullpen.

The Cubs still have Henry Blanco, Todd Walker and Jacque Jones at Wrigley. Mike Restovich is back hitting up a storm at Iowa, along with former Twin Augie Ojeda.

David Ortiz is with the Red Sox. Dustin Mohr was in the outfield, now is toiling in the minors for the Tigers. Did you remember that Jason Varitek was the catcher that got away?

We used to have JC Romero in the Twins bullpen, and he's godawful with the Angels. LaTroy Hawkins seems to be an enigma, doing nothing much with the Orioles, also home for former Twin Chris Gomez.

Did you know that Tampa Bay players Travis Lee, Damon Hollins and Brian Meadows were all once part of the Twins origanization (okay, Lee never signed). And sitting in the wings is Luis Rivas.

AJ is a White Sox. 'Nuff said!

Who would have thought that head cases Todd Jones and Kenny Rogers would be elading Detroit to the WORLD SERIES! Okay, I'm ahead of myself a bit.

Bobb Kielty is still with Oakland, after spending some time in the minors, which was home for Adam Johnson, former Twins high-rounder who was ocne again given walking papers.

Doug Mientkiewicz is still with Kansas City, high socks and all. Mark Redman and Joe Mays were brutal earlier this season, with Mays going to the National league and now Redman to the All-Star game. Go figure.

Can Matt Lawton not really find a job after sulking on the Mariners bench for a good aprt of the eyar. Did anyone catch the return of former Twin minor league pitcher Jeff Harris to the Mariners earlier this season?

Hard to think that Casey Blake was a Twin that got away...twice. Is he a third baseman, an outfielder, a hitter, or just a normal joe off the bench.

And Scott Eickson came back and failed with the New York Yankees. Hard to believe that he was one of the "young guys" on the pin-stripe staff.

Looking around the minor leagues, I see former Twins all over the place. Boston has Kevin Frederick, Corky Miller and minor league guys Luis Jiminez, Enrique Wilson and Jason Richardson. AAA catcher Brandon Masters is with Baltimore. Jason Pridie was Rule Fived back to Tampa Bay. AAA pitcher Brian Wolfe is with Toronto, who cut James Baldwin earlier this season. A-baller Alex Farfan picked up with tthe White Sox. Tony Fiore left Detroits minors for the indie leagues. Chad Allen along with former minor league guys Rick Bell and James Tomlin are with the Royals. AA pitcher Victor Moreno is with the A's. Rule 5 guy Jose Morban is with Seattle, but Ryan Rowland-Smith disappeared. Didn't he have a good spring with the Twins before a return to Seattle? A-baller Evan Meek is with San Diego. Pat Borders finally retired. A-baller Aaron Williams is with Arizona. Twins minor league guys C.J. Nitkowski, Steven DuGuay and Brandon Knight (a Rule 5) are pitching for the Pirates. Minor league guys Matt yeatman and Kyle Phillips ended up with the Brewers, as did Brent Abernathy. Matt Kinney is still alive with the Giants organization. The Reds have former minor league guys Jim Abbott and Jan Granado around, but cut ties with Eric Lohse and Darrell May. Jose Offerman is with the Mets. Minor league infielder Jesus Merchan is with the Phillies. And the Marlins are looking to get dividens from Travis Bowyer, minor league guy Scott Tyler, Jimmy Anderson who pitched for Rochester last year, but allowed BJ garbe to walk away.

And the indie leagues still find space for Pat Mahomes, Cleatus Davidson, Brian Buchanan, Marcus Jensen. Brad Thomas is still in Japan. And Carlos Pulido and Chris Latham are playing in Mexico.

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