Win Shares 88-61

Win shares as they stand after the Cleveland series are below the fold.

I didn't get a chance to post an update after the series against Oakland, so the notes that follow are from those games as well as those against Cleveland.

Bartlett got a win share on Tuesday when he went 1 for 3 with a walk, but he lost it again on Sunday when he went 0 for 4 (incl. 0 for 4 w/risp).

Castillo went 0 for 4 to lose a win share on Wednesday, but he was quick to get it back on Thursday by going 2 for 5 with a double and a walk.

It was the same story on the same days for Cuddyer.  1 for 3 with a strikeout in Haren's shutout, and on Thursday his walk, hit by pitch, and stolen base overcame his 0 for 4.

Hunter was great against Cleveland.  He went 3 for 6 (3 for 4 w/risp) with a double and a non-solo homer on Thursday to get a new win share plus get close to his next one, which he picked up with a walk on Friday.  By the way, if you suspected that most of Hunter's HRs were solo, you'd be right.  Given his homer rate, you'd expect him to have hit 13.541 homers with runners on, and he's only hit 9, which really hurts his runs created.

Mauer's all over the place this week, but ends up up one win share.  So does Morneau, picking it up on Tuesday when he went 3 for 4 with 2 doubles, including 1 for 1 w/risp.

Nevin got his first win share for the Twins on Sunday when he went 2 for 3 with a walk.  He also had a hit in his only AB w/risp.

Redmond was awesome on Saturday, and gets a win share for it.  His line: 3 for 4, double, walk, 1 for 2 w/risp.

Tyner picked it up last week.  On Tuesday he went 3 for 4, including 2 for 3 w/risp for a win share.  He also got one on Sunday when he went 3 for 3 (1 for 1 w/risp) with a double and a walk.

When White got a win share on Tuesday, it had nothing to do with his double and everything to do with him finally playing enough defense to warrant a win share.  When he went 3 for 5 on Thursday with two doubles and a homer, he finally got into positive value offensively for the first time this year.

Speaking of positive territory, Garza is now there, too, after pitching 5.2 innings and allowing just one run.  Silva and Baker are not, though, despite solid performances.  Baker's allowed 4.45 more runs than a replacement pitcher, while Silva can almost smell a win share at -3.02 runs.

Bonser pitched 5.2 innings and allowed 3 ER on Thursday for a win share.

Everything looked so great for Liriano as there was an extra win share waiting for him after Tuesday's game, right before his all too brief comeback.  His two scoreless innings on Wednesday put a little distance between him and the rounding mark, so I expect him to end the season at 16.

Nathan got win shares on Tuesday and Saturday for his saves those days and combined 3.1 scoreless IP on the week.

Reyes gets up to nine win shares on Saturday when he got two outs without allowing an earned run.

Santana got a win share for doing nothing on Thursday, which is why his 8 IP, 3 ER in a loss on Friday wasn't enough to get him yet another one.

Morneau - 27
Mauer - 26
Santana - 23
Cuddyer - 22
Nathan - 19
Castillo - 16
Liriano - 16
Hunter - 14
Punto - 13
Bartlett - 11
Reyes - 8
Radke - 7
Rincon - 7
Tyner - 6
Batista - 5
Stewart - 5
Redmond - 5
Guerrier - 5
Crain - 5
Neshek - 4
Bonser - 4
Castro - 3
Ford - 3
Kubel - 3
White - 1
Rabe - 1
Tiffee - 1
Rodriguez - 1
Nevin - 1

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