Unfair Deal btwn MLB and Direct TV

As many of you may know MLB and Direct TV have worked out a deal together. For everyone who doesn't have Direct TV because they don't want it or can't have it, this will mean no Extra Innings package from now on.

As an out of state Twins fan I find this very unfair. I want to share with everyone my email to MLB (send to)

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to you in regards to the deal that MLB is
pursuing with Direct TV. I am against this deal and
believe it is very unfair to individuals like me who
can not purchase Direct TV.

I have been a fan of baseball my whole life. I grew up
a 10 minutes walking distance from Dodger Stadium and
most of my fondest summer memories involve baseball.
When I went to college in the Minnesota I found a
second favorite team and now that I live in Northern
California I have used Extra Innings to keep track of
both ball clubs.

I want to support baseball, and to this point I have
regardless of what has been going on in the media
regarding steroids and the like. Every year I travel
to see different ballparks. I have a closet full of
MLB apparel and I purchase Extra Innings.

I know I am one fan and probably don't count for much
in terms of revenue. How can one fan compete with the
millions that Direct TV is offering but I will still
ask that you reconsider this offer.

I will not purchase MLBtv because it does not offer me
the ability to record games so I may view them after I
get home from work and have spent time with my family.
With MLBtv, I would be forced to watch games on a
computer in my office, away from my wife and kids,
when I could watch them in our living room together.
It has always been my hope that summers with baseball
on every night would help make my child a lover of
baseball like his father but I will not expect him to
sit hunch over my desk to watch a 2 hour game. I won't
do it either.

Suffice to say that if this deal between MLB and
Direct TV goes through you will lose a lifelong fan.
Oh sure I will try to follow my teams this year but
without watching their daily games I will find other
pursuits to fill my time. Like I said I'm just one fan
but I doubt I'm alone in feeling this way.

This deal is unfair, I can not, as someone who rents
purchase Direct TV and I don't understand why you
would make it harder, not easier for me to watch

Thank you for your time.

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