Bold Predictions for 2007

I thought it would be fun to make some "stick your neck out" predictions about the 2007 season.  I don't really think all of these will come true, but I do think that a few probably will.  Anyway, here are my bold predictions...

1. Barry Bonds will not break Henry Aaron's home run record this year.
This will be uber-hyped, but he will get hurt less then 10 homers shy of Hammerin' Hank.  There will be a ton of controversary following the 2007 reguarding Bonds's decision to come back in 2008 solely to break the record.  The Giants will be forced to decide if they want to pay $20 mil for a part time player in '08.

2. The Milwaukee Brewers will become the suprise team of 2007 and win the NL Central.
Ben Sheets (the Brewers' version of Radke) will stay healthy all year and have a career season.  The Brew-Crew will score a ton of runs with Ricky Weeks, Bill Hall, and Prince Fielder leading the charge.

3. The White Sox will finish below .500.
If the Indians are as good as people think they can be, this is possible.  I'm not talking a terrible record here.  Like 80-82 or 79-83.

4. Miguel Cabrera will be the NL MVP.
That pretty much says it.  His numbers will look a lot like Morneau's last year.  .320, 35 HR, 130 RBI.  He's 23.  Within a couple of years, people will begin to question if Pujols is still the best player in the game.

5. The Seattle Mariners will finish above .500.
King Felix will dominate in a weak division, and Seattle will have at least 82 wins.

6. The Twins will trade Luis Castillo mid-season to make room for Alexi Castilla.
Castilla is going to light up AAA.  His speed combined with his fantastic base stealing will force the Twins to give him a shot at 2nd base on the Major League roster.  That combined with the looming free angency for Castillo will convince the Twins to trade Luis for a possible key addition for the pennant race.

7. An All-Star Slugger will be suspended for steroid use.
Several players have been caught doping over the past few years, but the only real power hitter to be suspended was Rafael Palmeiro.  That will change as a current top slugger will exposed as a steroid user, forever tarnishing his career.

Well, there you go.  That seems like enough to stir the pot.  Which ones (if any) will come true?  Feel free to add any bold predictions of your own to the conversation.

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