Trade winds at the Twins' backs

Right now, the Twins AAA line-up contains one home grown regular--Jose Morales. Pridie, Macri and Casilla were acquired in trades. Knott, Jones, Clark, and Ruiz were claimed off waivers from other organizations. In the pitching staff, it is not quite so pronounced. Humber, Mulvey, and Korecky were acquired in trades. Perkins Duensing, DePaula, and Barrett were home grown. Totten, Daigle and Gomez were signed as free agents. Still, four out of 11 is not a good ratio of home-grown talent for a pitching-rich organization. What does this say about the organization?

Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is the Twins continue to show that they excel at scouting other team's minor league rosters and getting good talent in trades. The bad news is, the Twins did not draft especially well until recently. Here is a positional breakdown to help demonstrate. I will give my top three ranking of players in the system at each position and indicate how they were acquired.


1. Guerra--Trade

2. Mulvey--Trade

3. Robertson--Draft

4. Humber--Trade

5. Swarzak--Draft

6. Manship--Draft


1. Ramos--International signing

2. Moralas--Draft

3. Butera--Trade


1. Lis--Draft

2. Winfree-Draft

3. Sanchez--Draft

First Base

1. Leveret--International signing

2. Peterson--Draft (and follow)

3. Robbins--Draft

Second Base

1. Tolbert--Draft

2. Kelly--Draft

3. Thompson--Draft


1. Casilla--Trade

2. Plouffe--Draft

3. Ortiz--International singing

Third Base

1. Romero--International signing

2. Macri--Trade

3. Valencia--Draft


1. Gomez--Trade

2. Revere--Draft

3. Pridie--Trade

4. Martin--Trade

5. Parmalee--Draft

6. Benson--Draft

So it's not as bad as it seems if you just look at AAA. A lot of AAA rosters are filled with replacement players, as the Twins did this year. But in AA and below, teams typically fill them with home-grown prospects. And that's true for the Twins, with the exceptions of Roberts, Martin and Butera in AA and Guerra in High A. Still, the Twins do have a lot of good prospects from trades. If it weren't for all the trades, it would be a pretty weak system.

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