Random Twins thoughts

Delmon Young


While many are upset with Delmon Young, he's actually been improving until this past week when he's had a 4 game hitless streak.  If you look at his May numbers before this little slump he had a .293 .348 .402 .750 hitting line with 6 BB's and 10 K's.  Which still doesn't show as much power as we'd like to see but shows a good improvement in patience at the plate.  Even in his recent  0 for 19 streak it hasn't been mentioned that he drew 5 walks while striking out only 3 times.  That gives him and 11BB/13K ratio for May compared to his 6BB/19K ratio in April with 108 PA's both months.  I agree with everyone that a day off could do him well and with any luck he'll experience a similar resurgence to what Carlos Gomez has done since he took a day off back in April (.910 OPS since April 24th).


Livan Hernandez to Trade or not to Trade?


I know Corey already touched on this topic but mainly in relation to one player.  I follow the Twins minor league system and here about some top prospects from other teams around the league but definitely lack in my overall knowledge of other teams farm systems.  So who is out there that would be a good/realistic prospect the Twins could get for Livan?  As good as Livan has been I truly believe we're going to experience an implosion sooner than later and am all for trading him while his value is high.  We have enough quality AAA pitchers that can give us a few starts here and there that we should be just fine without him.  I think we've probably gotten the best out of Livan for the year and if you put the law of averages in effect he's bound to drop off in a bad way come the second half.  Where as a player like Boof ought to rebound given that his peripheral #'s suggest he's been better than his ERA would tell us.  That and the fact that we have Humber, Mulvey, Duensing, and some guy named Liriano sitting down in AAA gives me confidence that one of them could step up and deliver enough at the big league level to make the loss of Livan hurt very little.  So who's available?  Keep in mind we could probably package someone else with him to up the value of the incoming prospect?


Kevin Slowey/ Glen Perkins/ Nick Blackburn

For 3 guys with just over 100 innings and only 11 starts (all Slowey) coming into the season they have been terrific thus far.  It's easy to say this after last night but I really like Slowey's potential to become a solid #2 guy for the Twins if not more than that.  I just look at his minor league numbers and salivate and after his performance last September I got even more excited.  I'm hoping he can keep it going after having a rough start mostly due to injury and prove his skeptics wrong.  Blackburn is quietly putting up a strong bid for rookie of the year honors and Perkins has the best ERA of the three so far as well as a history of being able to get out Major League hitters last year as a reliever.  The true test will be when some of the better teams start seeing these guys for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times.  Can they keep it up after a team has a better scouting report on them and the hitters know what they're up against coming into the game?  Only time will tell but so far these guys are looking great. 


This Offense Can Only Get Better.

I truly believe that statement above.  My main reasoning is the piss poor production we've gotten out of our corner OF spots, 3B, and SS.  When you look at career #'s you have to believe Cuddy, Lamb, and Harris will all improve quite a bit and soon.  In fact for the month of May Lamb actually has a .303 .345 .382 .727 line that while not amazing is a marked improvement over his April line of .205 .226 .282 .508. 

I have to believe Cuddyer will get better as he's proven over the past two seasons that while not an amazing hitter he can at least get the job done and be much better than he has been so far this year.  A couple of days on the bench might not be the worst thing for him either after Delmon finishes what figures to be a be short break. 

Harris is along those same lines, he's been mediocre to downright bad at times but he's probably the best #9 hitter we've had in awhile and is another guy who should level out to be a better hitter hopefully resembling more the guy we saw the first few weeks of April than the one we've seen in the month of May. 

On the other end of the spectrum there are guys who may be hitting over their heads with Casilla and Gomez leading that list.  As much as I'd like to believe that these guys are completely legitimate big leaguers I'm going to need them to continue their production a little longer (Who wants to bet on how long it'll be before Casilla hits 2 HR's in the same week again?)  While Gomez has been showing us for most of the season he belongs I still don't see him keeping up his current production throughout the season.  Casilla especially seems to be in line for a dropoff given his previous numbers.  While I'm generally an optimist I just have trouble believing Casilla is going to be THIS good.  He can contribute at some level but I doubt we'll be praising him as much come next month.

Then there's the case of Morneau who has shown us stretches like this in the past needs to prove he was worth the money and produce as he has been for a whole season.  I believe he's capable but we'll see what he's looking like overall come September. 

I already touched on Delmon Young but he is another guy that really ought to improve.  If we are to believe even part of the hype he should be better than he has been so far.  While he may not jack enough homers for us to be happy with he hopefully will improve in other areas.

In conclusion to that topic I have to believe the offense which has been middle of the pack so far this year has a good chance of improving as we head into the last 2/3's of the season.  I feel there are more players who should improve based on scouting and previous career #'s than those who are in line for a decline based on the same reasoning.


Well as always I got bored and started to ramble, let me know what you guys think about these topics.  I probably should have broken it down into multiple posts but, I didn't, deal with it.


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