Simple Stats Comparisons: Regular Season vs. Playoffs

I thought it might be interesting to see how the team did according to OPS and WHIP compared to the regular season because I've been curious to see which players at least statistically carried their weight in previous playoffs.


Better in playoffs: Punto

About the same in both: Mauer, Span, Cuddyer, Harris

Worse (much worse): Young, Kubel, Cabrera, Gomez, Tolbert (slightly), Morales



Better: Guerrier, Mahay, Pavano, Blackburn, Liriano

Worse: Duensing, Rauch, Mijares, Nathan


Previous Playoffs


Better OPS or WHIP in playoffs: Morneau, White, Hunter; Guerrier, Rincon, Santana

About the same: Cuddyer, Castillo; Bonser, Radke

Worse: Bartlett, Mauer, Punto, Tyner, Nevin; Neshek, Nathan, Reyes, Crain, Perkins



Better: Cuddyer, Hunter, Jones, Blanco, LeCroy; Balfour, Lohse, Mulholland, Romero

Same: Koskie, Guzman

Worse: Ford, Morneau, Kubel, Stewart, Rivas, Offerman; Nathan, Santana, Radke, Rincon, Silva, Crain



Better: Hunter, Stewart; Milton, Radke, Romero

Same: Pierzynski; Reed, Rogers

Worse: Cuddyer, Koskie, Guzman, Mientkiewicz, LeCroy, Jones, Rivas; Santana, Lohse, Hawkins, Rincon, Guardado



vs. Anaheim

Better: Mohr; Lohse, Mays, Radke

Same: Guardado, Milton, Santana (reliever)

Worse: Koskie, Ortiz, LeCroy, Mientkiewicz, Rivas, Cuddyer, Hunter, Pierzynski, Guzman, Kielty, Jones; Reed, Wells, Romero, Jackson, Hawkins

vs. Oakland

Better: Mohr, Pierzynski, Hocking, Cuddyer, LeCroy, Guzman, Mientkiewicz; Hawkins, Lohse

Same: Hunter, Rivas; Milton, Romero, Radke

Worse: Jones, Koskie, Ortiz, Kielty; Jackson, Reed, Guardado, Santana (reliever), Mays, Fiore


I realize this is simplistic, but it does indicate some things; namely, they've won when their guys played better in the playoffs than they did during the season, and there have been few consistently good or bad performances besides Hunter (good), Guerrier (good), Cuddyer (about the same), bullpen (much worse). The most interesting of them is that no matter who's been in the bullpen, they've performed worse than they did during the year.

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