Twins Weekend Notes: Thanksgiving Edition


Everyone finally waking up from that Thursday afternoon coma?  Fantastic.  There've been a few interesting notes of intrigue over the last few days, some of which have some concern with our Minnesota Twins, so let's check them out...

  • The highest-profile player discussed over the last few days?  Rich's Kelly Theiser says the Twins have interest, which is good to hear.  Naturally any bets on the oft-injured ace would have to be hedged by the contract.  I do like the idea of bringing in Harden, on the right deal, because at the very least he gives Minnesota a little more depth with a high-end arm.  If and when he would eventually go down, the Twins would still have all the same arms available to replace him.
  • Miguel Angel Sano?  No.  Miguel Angel Jean?  Si.  From the same mailbag, Theiser informs us that our Domincan uber-prospect will be using his real surname, as opposed to his mother's maiden name.  Batting second, for the Minnesota Twins, Miguel Jean...
  • We've talked about Dan Uggla here at some length, as well as Ricky Nolasco, but there were rumors this week that the Marlins were trying to unload Josh Johnson as well.  As Ken Rosenthan notes those rumors have been dispelled, but for a few hours there my mind was working overtime.
  • Joe C. flashes a preview of the Twins' spring training schedule.
  • LEN III talks with Jake Mauer about a couple of good pitchers in the lower levels of the farm system.
  • On Tuesday Pat Neshek updated his blog with some info on how his rehab is coming.  It sounds like he threw a simulated game of about 30pitches, and he was happy with his slider and his increasing velocity.
  • Over at MLB Trade Rumors this morning I found out Nick Johnson is looking for a two-year deal.  There's no room for him in Minnesota, which is too bad because I wouldn't mind gamlbing on his infamous OBP skills.

Over in the UK they don't actually celebrate Thanksgiving...shocker, I know.  But yesterday I hosted and made my first ever Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of friends, and it actually went pretty well.  After the break are just a couple of pics I didn't turn out as awful as I thought it would!


The Brits thoroughly enjoyed the lefsa...


MEAT.  A small turkey and a decent size ham.  The ham was awesome.


Okay I didn't make these.  I bought these frozen.  No lies.

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