Winter Meetings Open Thread, Thursday: Will the Twins Make a Move?

5:30 pm:  [Update by Jesse]  Wow.  It's really super crazy active day.  Or not.  Ken Rosenthal tweets that the Twins will be holding off until January to pick up a third baseman.  He believes prices will be lower by that point, between unsigned free agents, the slew of non-tenders and teams just waiting to unload players they don't want around.  Hopefully the Twins are able to get a bargain.

10:50 am: Still been a quiet morning so far, but here's my afternoon (UK time) update before I go out for a birthday party and return to you in a very different state this evening (UK time)...oh yeah, this is a Jesse update, btw.

As has already been discussed in the comments, LEN III says Alexi Casilla has been made available. I have to agree with our amazingly intelligent community by saying, politically, that I'm not sure who would be interested in Casilla at this point. He's "toolsy" and still young enough to mature, but how much value is there in that considering the results so far?

Minnesota did nothing during the Rule 5 draft, so if anyone is scratching their head over that one, you can go ahead and find another excuse for scratching your head. Or maybe you could just admit that you have dandruff. I mean, seriously, it's not the end of the world. Just don't wear black.

The Twins will be getting an A or AA player back from Boston for Boof. This from Kelsie Smith.

8:40 am: Boof Bonser's agents report that he has been traded to the Red Sox. No word yet on who the Twins got in return.

Day 4 of the Winter Meetings is upon us. As expected, there has been more action in these comment threads than in the Twins rumor mill. To sum up the first three days:

  1. The Twins and Padres continue to discuss a trade involving Glen Perkins and Kevin Kouzmanoff. San Diego wants a second prospect in addition to Perkins, what would get this done? San Francisco is also interested. Rumors indicate that the Padres asked SF for OF Fred Lewis and middle infielder Kevin Frandsen. LEN notes that the Twins "just won’t give up more than Glen Perkins."
  2. With Carl Pavano accepting arbitration, Boof Bonser was designated for assignment. Apparently Boof rejected the Twins initial one year offer for a shade over the minimum. I suspect with Pavano staying and the 1-4 spots set in the rotation, we're done acquiring pitchers unless we move one of our top 4.
  3. The Twins have expressed a great deal of interest in Mark DeRosa, but he's initially asking for 3 years / $27M. I don't think he'll get this much from anyone, and the only way the Twins sign him is if his price comes down significantly.
  4. Talks with Joe Crede are progressing "very slowly". Not surprising, considering the many options out there. 
  5. Multiple sources indicate that Rich Harden is going to sign with the Rangers for one year plus an option.Would you rather have Harden or Pavano? 

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