A random Crazy Idea

While I was at work today, someone stumbled upon me and mentioned he thought the Twins needed to make a few moves in addition to JJ Hardy, to compete with the likes of the Yankees, White Sox, Angels, Red Sox, Rays and maybe even Orioles or Rangers in the AL next year.....

^I don't think this is true btw

One of the moves he suggested was to move our CLOSER -Joe Nathan into the starting rotation, I immediately laughed that idea off, while at the same time giving him credit for recognizing Joe Nathan was/is probably the single best pitcher currently on the Twins active roster.


So that is the Idea ladies and gentleman, Move Our Closer Joe Nathan into the starting roation, ..can it be done?


I thought for a moment, and realized that Rob Delaney, Carlos Gutierrez, Alex Burnett, and Anthony Slama are all in AA or higher and pretty much all 4 of them could pitch for AAA Rochester come April and probably do just fine, I also thought about how the FA market is loaded with good relief pitchers, Fernando Rodney, Trevor Hoffman, Wagner, Brandon Lyon to name a few......

So after completly blowing the idea off and probably making this individual regret they even talked to me today, I actually feel like it MIGHT be an idea worth talking about. Crazy?

1. I Highly doubt a Ricky Nolasco, Dan Uggla, Jon Raynor type of deal is going to go down, because We'd probably have to give up Wilson Ramos and that would HURT ME (us) very bady, (in addition to Glen Perkins, Alexi Casilla and probably Carlso Gutierrez or Danny Valencia of some sort)

2. Lets face it Joe Nathan slowed down at seasons end, and I don't think it was due to fatigue or a tired arm. He is getting old and his velocity is dropping off, while he is still damn good enough to be a closer, his days of being in the same class as Mariano Rivera and Jonathan Broxton are probably over....

3. $ Money $ ...Maybe its just me, but the financial situation of Joe Nathan's contract doesn't strike me as appealing, for teams that may want to trade for him down the line, so why not maximize Nathan's use to our club, by making him  into a starter....  I am sure he'd only be comfortable going 5 or 6 innings into every game but 4 days rest in between starts I'm sure Nathan would enjoy....



(P.S. I'm thrilled that our Twinkie Town top 50 'spects community list is under way - I voted for Aaron Hicks at #1 _ And Ramos would be my #2.....)

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