Wrigley Field to be renamed in 2010...

All seemed well throughout the current process of the Cubs selling to the Rickles family, but the suspected inevitable has happened, Wrigley Field is going to be renamed to Trident Field in 2010. This was just released by the Cubs which has been met by disgust by fans and players.

Players, such as Derek Lee voiced severe outrage about this sudden decision by saying," I cannot believe they have changed such an iconic name to such an iconic place."

Rickles' spokesman, Steve Harrington, met with reporters today said,"Although the iconic name will always be remembered, a change had to be made."

In the recent economic meltdown, the sale of the Cubs has not gone as smoothly as had been originally expected, as the Tribune Company has plummeted deeper into debt. Trident Gum is allegedly paying upwards of $10 Million a year for the naming rights of Wrigley, and the contract lasts until 2014, when the stadiums naming rights will be made available to be purchased again.

Like many Cubs fans, Paul Tomacheski, a resident of Wrigleyville could not believe that it was actually happening. "The Cubs have always made it clear that Wrigley would never be renamed, and this is just a travesty."

Friday, the Cubs will unveil the official logo of the new Trident Field that will be put in place over the old Wrigley sign. Although only the name will be changed, it will mean much more than that.

Over the past 2 weeks, another popular Chicago landmark, The Sears Tower, was announced to also have its named changed to the Willis Tower, because the London-based company have now become the largest tenants in the United States tallest building.

Online, fans have expressed outrage of the new name for the Cubs park and multiple petitions have already been set up to try to block the renaming of Wrigley.

Likewise, protestors have already been gathering outside the ticket windows of Wrigley attempting to be able to block such a horrible thing.

Sox fans, on the south-side, recently experienced their pride and glory being renamed from Comiskey Park to US Cellular Field. Although some stil call it by its original name, most of Chicago knows it as the Cell now. It is apparent the same thing will happen for the Cubs as well in the future. It is just a matter of time.

I only ask you to read the first letter of each paragraph excluding this one, and hopefully it will all make sense.  I found this article on and found it too amusing to not post here!  Happy Aprils Fools Day Everybody!

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