All Metrodome Team

First, if this post was already done by someone, I apologize.  I've been rather AWOL lately due to some life changes (all good ones) and haven't had much time to read or post things.

Secondly, I realize this is rather gimmicky but figure it is worth talking about.

So here are my selections for all Metrodome team:

1st Base:  Kent Hrbek

Hrbie beats out Morneau based on the fact that he is a Bloomington native and played large parts in bringing us two world championships.  Morneau will probably end up with better statistics and more hardware, but not sure that hardware will include two World Series rings.  Besides that, Hrbek played in the Dome for 13 seasons to Morneau's 7.

2nd Base:  Chuck Knoblauch

I don't really get some fans animosity towards Knoblauch.  He was a pretty good player and integral part of the 1991 championship team.  He has never said anything bad (that I'm aware of) about the Twins organization.  I don't really blame him for requesting a trade at the time he did; not to mention no one seemed to really care until the Twins were good again four years later.  Even if you don't agree with me on that count, the trade to the Yankees is still paying dividends.  Among others, we got Eric Milton and Christian Guzman out of the deal.  We then traded Milton for Silva and Punto.  While none of these turned out to be great players (Milton did throw a no-hitter though) they have still been useful players.  Steve Lombardozzi gets honorable mention on the name alone.

3rd Base:  Gary Gaetti

Do I really need to argue his case against Corey Koskie, Scott Leius, Mike Pagliarulo, and Nick Punto?  Actually, one could perhaps make a case for Koskie.  He had a better OPS than The Rat, but the G-Man was also a better defensive player.

Shortstop:  Greg Gagne

Nope, not the AWA wrestler ( I the only one that watches the replays on ESPN Classic?).  Gagne wins more by default here.  First, we really haven't had a standout SS in the Metrodome.  Secondly, the ones we have had didn't have the tenure of Gagne.  Gagne was the quintessential defense first shortstop for his era.

Catcher:  Joe Mauer

A two time AL batting champion who has lived up to his #1 overall draft spot and homegrown Saint Paulite.  Harper, Laudner, nor Pierzynski stood a chance.  BTW...I have the same questions for the Pierzynski haters out there that I did with Knoblauch.  Sure, he may be a protagonist, but so what?  He did well while he was here and we got great trade value for him.

Outfield:  Kirby Puckett, Torii Hunter, and Dan Gladden

Puckett and Hunter need no explanation.  Gladden was a tough one for me.  Matt Lawton, Shane Mack, Jason Kubel, and Jacque Jones all had their moments, but that was about it.  Kubel could turn out to be the best of the bunch, but not quite yet.  Plus, he should have been in the DH category.  I was very tempted to go with Brunansky here, because I always liked him when I was kid.  Marty Cordova never lived up to his rookie year (plus one of my girlfriends cheated on me with him--true story, so there is a personal bias there, although it was truly a big favor he did for me).  Cuddyer had one good year.  Randy Bush was always a 4th outfielder.  He had some great moments and was a good pinch hitter.  I went with Gladden and his mullet mainly because when I think of the Dome, I think of the two World Series that we won while he was on the team.

Designated Hitter:  David Ortiz

Somehow, the steroid era (meaning the gaudy offensive numbers, not the positive tests) missed the entire organization.  We haven't had much power since Puckett and Hrbek retired.  Ortiz probably wins more on his reputation as a whole.  I really liked Chili Davis, but he was only here two years.  Molitor and Winfield were really only here for a cup of coffee, really.  Even though they did get to huge career milestones while here.  Roy Smalley could be an intriguing argument here, but i'm going with Ortiz.

Starting Pitcher:  Johan Santana, Frank Viola, Kevin Tapani

Santana will surely get no arguments, and Viola little.  Tapani will probably be the most controversial.  This one was a true toss-up for me.  I very easily could have gone with Radke.  Their stats are very similar and Radke probably should be rewarded for his loyalty.  But I'm giving my vote to Tapani.  In any event, you can vote 25 times for the all Metrodome team so I can almost split their votes down the middle.

Relief Pitcher:  Rick Aguilera and Joe Nathan

Aguilera was very good and even came back after we traded him away to Boston for their postseason run in 1995.  Nathan has been nothing short of dominant from day one with the Twins.  I'm too lazy to check right now, but does anyone have more saves than Nathan since 2004?  Off the top of my head, maybe Rivera, Hoffman, K-Rod, or Wagner?  Those are just guesses.  Someone should fact check me on that one.  Guardado get honorable mention, but really he was never in the same class as Aguilera and Nathan.  Reardon was only around for three years, and Berenguer was most known for the Berenguer Boogie.

Manager:  Tom Kelly

Gardenhire certainly has the better managerial record, but still not even a World Series appearance.  TK got us there twice and won them both.  Not only that, but he handed off the team to Gardenhire in a position to win after finishing 85-77 and in 2nd place in 2001--the same record as his first full year managing the club in 1987 and first World Series.


What do you guys think?  Any vehement objections?



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