Who should go?

As of right now, the Twins have several very shaky pitchers in their bullpen.  So, who should get cut/traded/released?

*R.A. Dickey*

Its about time that the knuckleballer went back to where he came from, wherever that is!  Dickey has struggled with the Twins who hoped that his 5.52 career ERA would become a thing of the past and disappear under Rick Anderson's tootilage.  However, as of yet, it has not.  Dickey has posted an 4.50 ERA so far this year with the Twins organization in the long relief/mop up role.  Dickey has 11 walks and 15 strikeouts through 18.0 innings giving up 9 earned runs (3 HR) and 24 hits in that span.  Batters are posting a .409 OBP and .541 SLG against Dickey so far this year.  His ground out/fly out (GO/AO) ratio is hovering at 1.64, while his WHIP is at 1.94.  His knuckleball just doesnt knuckle in the airless Metrodome allowing opposing batters to just sit and then hammer it.  In my opinion, Dickey was a bad idea from the beginning, and he is just further giving me proof.  I think it is time we sent Dickey down or released him.

*Luis Ayala*  

When the Twins signed Ayala, they hoped that his recovery from Tommy John surgery would be complete and he could become the next Carlos Silva.  Ayala has a sinker ball, but it just doesnt seem to sink, or else it sinks into the hitters hot spots.  Ayala has posted a 5.63 ERA so far this season.  Some of his stats, unbearable to look at, follow:  5 BB, 10 K, 11 R (10 ER), 23 H, 1 HR, 16.0 IP.  Batters are posting a .414 OBP vs Ayala with a .531 SLG.  His ground out/fly out ratio hovers at 1.73, while his WHIP is at 1.75.  Some of these stats are better than Dickey's (WHIP, BB/K, SLG) but most are worse.  I think it is time that the Twins sent Ayala down to Rochester (I havent quite given up on him) in order for him to work through his slump (although it has lasted all season).


This opens up two roster spots on the Twins 25 man roster.  Who should be called up?  Who is worthy of a call-up?

*Sean Henn*

Sean is sitting Triple-A batters right back down on the bench.  Henn, a left handed relief pitcher, has thrown 24.0 innings with 32 Ks.  He has also walked 10 in those 24 innings but opposing batters only can hit a meager .187 average against Henn.  Henn has given up 7 runs on 17 hits, but only three of the runs were earned.  In Triple-A, Henn has posted a 1.13 ERA, through 15 games, with a 0.95 GO/AO.  Although Henn is a left handed reliever, it would be a wise move for the Twins to bring him up to add to the lefty relief core of Mijares and Breslow; He would take Ayala's place on the roster.

*Anthony Swarzak*

Although Swarzak is a starter, he would do well in the long relief role/spot starter of the Twins bullpen.  Swarzak, through 7 games at AAA, has posted a 2.25 ERA with 32 Ks in 44.0 innings.  Swarzak generally is thought of as a control pitcher, as is evident with his 11 walks through 44 innings.  Opponents have managed to get 40 hits off of Swarzak for an average of .248.  Swarzak features a 1.02 GO/AO ratio.  Swarzak probably would do better than Dickey in the long relief/spot starter role.  Swarzak certainly has had his fair share of troubles, steroids a few years ago, but he has battled back and I believe that he deserves a shot at the major league level.

*Other names who feature a decent ERA in AAA:*

Kevin Mulvey (takes Dickey's spot), Bob Keppel (takes Ayala's spot), Juan Morillo (takes Ayala's spot), and Armando Gabino (takes Ayala's spot).

We are now hearing that the Twins are scouting around for a good arm for their bullpen.  Names that Gammon has thrown out there:  Jose Valverde, Huston Street, Danys Baenz, Russ Springer, and John Grabow.

So do you think the Twins need bullpen help or will things just work themselves out?  If you do think they need help, then who should get the call to the Twins?

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