Anybody want to talk Draft?

The draft is less than 2 weeks away, so I thought I'd start a thread for talking about it.  The Latin American Free Agent signing period starts in early July--players who are 16 can sign with professional clubs starting then, so that's something to keep an eye on also. 

After the jump, I'll mention a few players that either have been linked to the Twins or that seem interesting to me, with the caveat that I readily admit that I don't know anything about these guys personally; just want to create a place where information can be shared.

The Twins have pick #22 in the first round, 46 in the comp round (Reyes), and 70 in the second round.  It's always impossible to know how the draft will unfold, but this year especially the people who follow this say there is no consensus after the first pick. 

There is one guy that has been attached to the Twins in a few places that I've seen: Jared Mitchell.  You might remember him as the Twins' 10th round pick in 2006--he was always unlikely to sign, and he didn't, choosing to go to LSU instead.  That seems to have worked out for him, as BA ranks him as their 27th best draft prospect this year, and he should get a good bonus.  His stll is seen as more of an athlete than baseball player, and his numbers aren't that impressive, but he fills up the toolbox. 

Frankly, he's not the type of player that I like to see them draft, but the Twins have regularly taken unpolished athletes early. 

I'd prefer they take more of a pure bat, though there aren't a lot of obvious choices.  Guys who are really seen as elite hitters are long gone by this point.  One guy who might be there and the Twins ought to be aware of is Bobby Borchering, a HS hitter from Fort Myers.  He's seen as maybe the top HS hitter this year, and has power.  He's a  big guy currently listed as a 3B, but will have to move to 1B or a corner OF spot as a pro. 

Other guys I've seen them attached to or that I think they might be interested in include AJ Pollock (Notre Dame OF), Max Stassi (HS Catcher), and Mike Minor, (Vanderbilt LHP). 

I'd love to hear what anyone else has heard/knows about any of the possibilities out there.

On another note, I realize it isn't my money, but I wish they were more agressive in Latin America.  They signed both Mijares and Ramos as free agents, but that's about it in terms of the current Twins or top prospects.  The other Latin players on the team are all trade acquisitions (Gomez, Liriano, Casilla), or Puerto Rican players, who are subject to the draft (Morales, Morales).  It's tough to compete with the big market teams for the top talent, and paying 2-4 million for a 16 year old is tough too, but I wish they would ocassionally target a top guy down there and go for it. 

Anyway, any thoughts on these issues?

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