Baseball and TV article

this was on the sports page and I thought I'd share. You can read the article at the following link:;_ylt=AguAbRfooFDVU4n.A.AAcvsRvLYF?urn=mlb,166216

I'll like to see baseball do better on TV (I know the sport is not hurting though). The only thing I'd add to my original comments below is that the price of going to a game is getting out of hand. When times were good, families could ignore the hundred(s) of dollars they would spend at a game but now it is easier to see that baseball is losing it's connection to families and is catering to young professionals with the most disposable incomes.

Anywho...This is what I posted there and feel is the real problem with baseball. ...

I think the problem starts before the TV is even turned on. No one plays baseball anymore, and when I say no one I don't mean your beer league I mean kids in America. 18 kids at a park is not a baseball game, it's a birthday party with invitations that had to be sent a month in advanced.

I remember summers when my brother and I would go the park and we knew kids from the neighborhood would show up to play ball. We'd shag flyballs, we'd practice pitching or hitting like our favorite players and eventually we'd have enough kids to play a game. And I'm not even talking about always 9 on 9. We'd make rules up so we could play. Ghost runners, pitching for your own team, rules where we didn't even need 18 kids to play.

If kids are not playing the game themselves they are not going to want to watch it on TV. They are not going to understand what a great game it is. Heck, why watch a game when they can fire up their PS3 or Xbox 360 and play it themselves. But video games are a poor sub for getting on a ballfield.

I know attendance is up but how many people there are actually watching the game. It seems like the new parks are one part baseball, one part amusment park so mom and dad don't have to teach their kids what the game is about. Going to the game seems like it's more about going somewhere, eating, consuming than watching baseball.

I don't know what can fix baseball on TV. I like the idea of a game of the week on Saturdays to go with the Sunday telecast. I like the idea of getting rid of Buck, but unless this generation and the ones that come next learn the game; baseball is going to continue being your dad's game and longterm that will spell trouble for MLB.



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