Minor League Report...June 13, 2009

Good morning, hopefully I will be able to get the entire report posted this week.  The DSL Twins began play while I was gone a week ago.  With a 4-2 record by the DSL Twins this week, the organization posted one of their best records of the year with 20 wins versus 13 losses. 

Although there was lots of activity related to the annual draft, there wasn't a lot of player movement.  Nick Punto was activated by the Twins who sent Alexi Casilla back to Rochester for the second time this season.  Rochester placed Luke Hughes, who hadn't played in over a week, on the DL with a obligue muscle strain.  Of note in this week's draft is that the Twins selected David Gutierrez (the younger brother of Carlos Gutierrez) out of the U of Miami in the 37th round.  They also selected Aaron Senne (a Rochester, MN native) out of the U of Missouri in the 32nd round.  They had previously drafted Senne in the 13th round of the 2006 draft.   

Rochester Red Wings (AAA) (3-3, 29-30, 4th place, -6.0 games)

The Wings held their position behind Scranton/WB.

Bobby Keppel has pitched very well since joining the starting rotation.  He was the loser in last Saturday's 3-2 loss, pitching 7.0 innings with 6 hits, 3 runs (2 earned) and 5K/0BB.........Keppel was again the loser last night, 2-1, pitching a complete game (8.0 innings) with 5 hits, 2 runs and 4K/1BB to drop his record to 2-3.........Philip Humber picked up his third loss in five decisions in Sunday's 11-4 loss.  Humber pitched 5.0 innings with 5 hits, 6 runs and 5K/5BB.........Brian Duensing was sharp in Monday's 4-3, eleven inning win.  Duensing pitched 8.0 innings with 4 hits, 3 runs and 5K/3BB.  Rob Delaney picked up his first AAA win (1-1), pitching 3.0 shutout innings with no hits and 3K/0BB.........Jason Jones pitched 5.0 innings in Tuesday's 9-8, ten inning win.  Jones allowed 10 hits, 7 runs (5 earned) with 0K/2BB.  Juan Morillo picked up his third win in five decisions, pitching 2.0 perfect innings with 2 strikeouts.........I expect Kevin Mulvey is a leading candidate to be Jim Rantz' Player of the Week with his performance Thursday.  Mulvey pitched a complete game shutout with 7 hits and 7K/1BB as he evened his record at 3-3.

Mulvey leads the Wings with 72.1 innings with a 3.61ERA, 1.31WHIP and 59K/28BB.  Bobby Keppel has an excellent 2.36ERA with a 1.11WHIP in 22 games (2 starts) with 23K/13BB in 49.2 innings.  Armando Gabino has been excellent out of the Wings pen with a 3.16ERA, 1.08WHIP and 22K/14BB in 37.0 innings.  Juan Morillo has a very good 3.22ERA, 1.21WHIP and 31K/15BB in 22.1 innings.

Steve Tolleson has an excellent .340/.456/.489 in 47 at bats since his recent promotion.  David Winfree is hitting .333Average in his last ten games as his average is up to .279/.303/.495 in 208 at bats with a team high 9 home runs and 14 doubles.  Trevor Plouffe is hitting .245/.299/.377 in 204 at bats while catcher Drew Butera is hitting .236/.312/.268 in 123 at bats.

New Britain Rock Cats (AA) (4-2, 32-28, 2nd place, -2.5 games)

The Cats remain 2.5 games behind Connecticut, however, moved up a spot to second place.  They continue to battle back from their slow start behind a solid starting rotation.

Cole DeVries wasn't as sharp in last Saturday's 8-3 loss, pitching 5.0 innings with 8 hits, 5 runs (4 earned) and 5K/4BB.  DeVries picked up his fifth loss against four wins.........DeVries pitched only 4.0 innings in Thursday's 7-3 win with 9 hits, 3 runs and 3K/1BB.  Yohan Pino got his first win in two decisions, pitching 3.0 perfect innings with 2K/0BB.  Jose Lugo also pitched 2.0 shutout innings with 1 hit and 2K/1BB to earn his second save.........Carlos Gutierrez made his first start, getting his first win last Sunday, 11-7.  Gutierrez pitched 5.0 innings with 7 hits, 5 runs and 3K/2BB.  Frank Mata pitched 0.1 perfect inning to earn his second save.........Jeff Manship had another excellent start in Tuesday's 7-2 win.  Manship improved his record to 5-4, pitching 7.0 innings with 5 hits, 2 runs and 4K/2BB.........Jay Rainville was even better in Wednesday's 3-2 win, pitching 5.2 innings with 5 hits, 1 run and 3K/2BB as he picked up his third win in five decisions.........Matt Fox was excellent in last night's 2-1 loss, pitching 7.0 innings with 4 hits, 1 run and 6K/1BB.  Alex Burnett picked up his first AA loss, pitching 2.0 innings with 3 hits, 1 run and 0K/1BB. 

Jeff Manship leads the staff with 69.0 innings.  Manship has a 4.70ERA with 42K/18BB.  Matt Fox leads the starters with a 2.64ERA, 1.22WHIP and 51K/24BB in 64.2 innings for a team best 5-2 record.  Cole DeVries has an excellent 3.27ERA with a 4-5 record and 41K/20BB in 66.0 innings.  Yohan Pino has a 4.67ERA in 24 games (34.2 innings) with 36K/10BB.  Anthony Slama has a 2.73ERA, 3-1 record, 13 saves and 48K/18BB in 33.0 innings.

Wilson Ramos is back with the Cats, hitting .400 in his last ten games with two home runs.  With his hot return, he has his average up to .308/.326/.444 in 133 at bats with 9 doubles, 3 home runs and 18 RBI.  Ramos was 10 for 22 (.454Average) this week and is another leading candidate for the Twins Player of the Week.  Whit Robbins continues to make a statement that he has a future with the Twins, hitting .340/.417/.536 in 194 at bats with 7 home runs and 29 RBI.  Danny Valencia has been in a slump of late as his average dropped to .276/.376/.481 in 185 at bats.  Juan Portes has also made a statement following his promotion this season, hitting .323/.386/.476 in 124 at bats.  Brian Dinkelman is hitting .313/.408/.455 with 15 doubles and a team high 34 RBI in 198 at bats. 

Ft. Myers Miracle (Hi-A) (4-3, 38-22, 1st place, +5.5 games)

The Miracle remained in first place, losing one game of their lead over Charlotte.

Tyler Robertson reminded us of the pitcher he was last year in Saturday's 1-0 win, pitching 7.0 shutout innings with 8 hits and 4K/2BB.  Henry Arias picked up the win (1-1), pitching 2.0 shutout innings with 2 hits and 4K/0BB.........Robertson returned in Thursday's 6-4 loss, pitching 5.0 innings with 10 hits, 6 runs (5 earned) and 4K/1BB to even his record at 3-3.........Michael McCardell was also very good in Sunday's 2-1 win, pitching 6.0 innings with 4 hits, 1 run and 3K/2BB to get his seventh win against three losses.  Kyle Waldrop pitched a perfect inning with 1K/0BB to earn his second save.........Glen Perkins made a rehab start in Tuesday's 4-0 win, pitching 7.0 shutout innings with 2 hits and 4K/1BB.........David Bromberg was solid on Wednesday, pitching 6.0 innings with 10 hits, 4 runs and 7K/0BB.  Henry Arias picked up his second loss as the Miracle lost 5-4.  Arias pitched 2.0 innings with 1 hit, 1 run and 1K/0BB.........Deolis Guerra got his sixth loss in ten decisions in last night's 6-1 loss.  Guerra pitched only 4.0 innings with 6 hits, 6 runs (3 earned) and 7K/3BB.

David Bromberg leads the staff with a 2.44ERA in 62.2 innings with 57K/29BB.  Delois Guerra leads the staff with 63.1 innings with a 4.41ERA.  Michael McCardell has a 3.73ERA, 1.05WHIP and 50K/11BB in 62.2 innings.  Steven Hirschfield has a 1-1 record in 17 games (2 starts) with a 1.99ERA, 0.88WHIP and 22K/8BB in 31.2 innings.  Blair Erickson has 7 saves in 14 games (18.1 innings) with a 2.95ERA and 26K/9BB.  Loek Van Mil has appeared in 5 games (8.0 innings) with a 0.00ERA, 0.75WHIP and 5K/2BB.

Ben Revere is hitting .317/.381/.371 with 25 RBI, 34 runs scored and 26 stolen bases in 36 attempts.  Rene Leveret is hitting .315/.404/.425 in 127 at bats.  Chris Parmalee had two home runs this week as he leads the Miracle with 8 home runs and 32 RBI while hitting .258/.342/.446.  All-Star catcher Danny Lehmann is hitting .299/.364/.388 in 67 at bats.

Beloit Snappers (A) (5-2, 23-37, 8th place, -14.0 games)

Following their best week of the season, the Snappers remained in last place behind Kane County.  Hopefully a couple of the college pitchers the Twins drafted this week will quickly make their way to Beloit to give them a chance to compete for the second half title.

Danny Berlind picked up his sixth loss in seven decisions in the first game of Sunday's doubleheader that Beloit lost, 2-1.  Berlind pitched 6.0 innings with 4 hits, 2 runs and 5K/3BB.........Berlind earned his second win last night, 10-5.  He pitched 7.0 innings with 4 hits, 5 runs (3 earned) and 2K/2BB.........Danny Osterbrock earned his third win against five losses in the second half of Sunday's double header, as Beloit won 4-1.  Osterbrock pitched a 7.0 inning complete game with 4 hits, 1 run and 6K/0BB.........Bobby Lanigan pitched 4.2 innings with 4 hits, 2 runs and 6K/1BB in Monday's 7-5 win.  Michael Tarsi pitched 1.1 inning with 2 hits, 2 runs and 1K/0BB to earn the win.........Brad Tippett was very good, however, got his third loss in Tuesday's 3-1 loss.  Tippett pitched 6.0 innings with 5 hits, only 2 runs and 9K/1BB.........Michael Allen was solid in Wednesday's 4-2 win, pitching 4.1 innings with 6 hits, 1 unearned run and 5K/2BB.  Blake Martin pitched 2.0 shutout innings of relief with 1K/2BB to earn his first win.  Joe Testa pitched 2.2 innings with 2 hits, 1 run and 3K/1BB to pick up his fifth save.........Michael Tarsi made his first start in Thursday's 4-1 loss.  Tarsi pitched 5.1 shutout innings with 3 hits and 7K/1BB.  Danny Rondon got his fourth loss in six decisions, pitching 1.0 inning with 6 hits, 3 runs and 0K/0BB.........Curtis Leavitt made a spot start in the other half of Thursday's double header that the Snappers won, 4-3.  He pitched 3.0 innings with 3 hits, 3 runs and 3K/2BB.  Bruce Pugh picked up his second win in three decisions, pitching 2.0 shutout innings with 1 hit and 4K/0BB.  Steven Blevins picked up his first save by also pitching 2.0 shutout innings with 1 hit.

Brad Tippett is the Ace of the staff with a 3.17ERA, 1.09WHIP and 5-3 record in 10 games (59.2 innings) with 50K/11BB.  Danny Berlind has a very good 3.93ERA in 14 games (7 starts) with 47K/18BB in 52.2 innings.  Since moving back to the Snappers, closer Matt Williams has earned 4 saves to go with a 1.52ERA and 20K/11BB in 23.2 innings.  Michael Tarsi has a 2.95ERA in 18.1 innings with 22K/9BB. 

Ramon Santana continues to lead the Snappers with a .343/.441/.545 in 143 at bats with 5 home runs.  Michael Harrington is hitting .242/.289/.407 in 182 at bats with a team high 19 doubles.  Angel Morales leads the team with 6 home runs, while hitting .226/.293/.398 in 186 at bats.  Hitting .361Average in his last ten games, Ozzie Lewis has his average up to .298/.368/.449 in 178 at bats.

DSL Twins (Dominican Summer League) (4-2, 7-5, 4th place, -4.0 games)

The DSL Twins are back in action with several outstanding young prospects who will move up to the GCL Twins next spring.

Seventeen year old Francisco Nunez is off to an excellent start as he is 2-0 in 3 games (9.2 innings) with a 2.79ERA and 13K/3BB.  Pedro Guerra (19 year old) was one of the DSL Twins top starters last year, 8-2, 2.45ERA and 75K/12BB in 84.1 innings.  Guerra has started three games with a 0.00ERA in 13.0 innings with an amazing 20K/3BB.  Eddy Santana is a 21 year old reliever who has 4 saves in 6 appearances with a 5.79ERA and 11K/1BB in 9.1 innings.  Santana missed all of last season following a 2007 season in which he had a 2.27ERA in 47.2 innings with 30K/12BB.  Renzo Reverol also has a 0.00ERA in 3 games (1 start) with 7K/1BB in 10.0 innings.  Reverol is an 18 year old right hander who had a 4-2 record last year with a 3.00ERA in 30.0 innings with 34K/12BB.

Candido Pimentel (an 18 year old rookie) is hitting .333/.385/.667 with a home run in 12 at bats.  Romy Trinidad is also an 18 year old rookie from Santo Domingo.  Trinidad is hitting .289/.413/.368 with 3 stolen bases in 3 attempts.  A third 18 year old rookie, Kevin Silvania appears to be a left handed power hitting first baseman.  Silvania is hitting .278/.366/.528 in 36 at bats with 2 home runs and 8 RBI.

Player of the Week

Last year, Venezuela native Cesar Ciurcina was a right handed starter for the DSL Twins.  Ciurcina, who started 8 games in 11 appearances, had a successful season for a 17 year old with a 3-2 record, 3.68ERA, 1.23WHIP and 35K/10BB in 44.0 innings.

This season Ciurcina is off to a nearly perfect start with a 0.00ERA in 14.0 innings with only 4 hits and 12K/0BB.  On Wednesday, Ciurcina made his second start of the season against the DSL Orioles.  He pitched 7.0 shutout innings with only 1 hit and 10K/0BB.  That type of dominating start is worthy of recognition as this week's Player of the Week.  If he continues to pitch as he has the first two weeks of the season, Ciurcina will be another player that we will hear a lot about when he moves up to the GCL Twins next season.          

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