What reason do the Twins have for NOT acquiring Roy Halladay?

Took this from my blog. Thought it would get more views here, haha. Obviously, it's a little bit ranty, but it's a change of pace from the Freddy Sanchez/middle infielder posts. Am I the only one who would just love to see the Twins make a splash and get THE big trade target?

What reason do the Twins have for NOT acquiring Roy Halladay?

We were promised "five aces" entering the 2009 season, but no one has emerged as even one clear ace this year. Nick Blackburn had given the illusion of ace-hood for a few months, but last night proved that not even he is really a stopper.

Kevin Slowey and Glen Perkins have struggled with injures. Francisco Liriano and Scott Baker have been nothing short of disappointing. And Anthony Swarzak is not the answer.

Last year, Milwaukee proved that a mid-market team like ourselves can go out and make a move that's aggressive and make it work when they acquired C.C. Sabathia from the Indians. Certainly, the end result did not finish in their favor, but they not only made their fans excited about last season but also excited over future deals like it should the opportunity arise.

As Twins fans, we go into each season knowing there won't be a big move to make the team better. We know that we are, essentially, stuck with the team we start the season with - what's the fun in that to those of us who follow the hot stove league? And more importantly, to those fans who would like to see another championship?

Halladay has said he wants to play in a quiet environment (check) with a spring training complex in Florida (check). We, undoubtedly, have the pieces to make the move, as noted in this Star Tribune "Your Voices" piece by Doogie Woofson. We also have been down in payroll the past two seasons and are moving into a fresh new stadium that will bring in even more revenue, so we should have the money.

What's stopping the Twins?

Is it the constant need to "win later?" The core players aren't getting any younger, and at least one of them - Joe Mauer - is only signed this year and next and would (apparently) like to see the front office make a move for once before re-signing with the team. Why "win later" when you can "win now?"

We're not going to be completely drained of prospects if we make this move. Additionally, if we let him walk after next year, we get two draft picks or, if things don't work, we can probably swap him out again next year to a contender (though I don't see that happening with Halladay on the team).

I haven't included any numbers in this blog because there's really no point to it. They speak for themselves. Halladay is a clear cut ace. The Twins don't have one. The Central is a winnable division this year, and, with Halladay, next year as well.

This shouldn't be a crazy notion. It shouldn't be an unfathomable option. But the front office has led us to expect less. And that's just wrong.

So, why not, Bill Smith? Why NOT acquire Roy Halladay?

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