Guys, I don't think I can handle it anymore -- the undeserved love for Carlos Gomez, and the undeserved hate for Delmon Young.


Nothing personal against cmath, but his recap of last night's Yankee game pretty much served as the straw that broke my back. Gomez was listed as a 'stud' for:

- robbing Alex Rodriguez of a grand slam that prevented the Twins from losing 14-2, because that would have been so much more psychologically damaging than the 10-2 loss they actually suffered,

- almost preventing a ball from getting past him for a triple, and

- going 0-for-3 while seeing fewer pitches from CC Sebathia than any other Twins starter (see

Meanwhile, Delmon Young gets tagged as a 'dud' for:

- being one of four Twin hitters to actually get a hit off of Sebathia,

- seeing more of Sebathia's pitches than Mauer or Morneau, and in fact more per at-bat than any other Twin in the lineup (see the score link above)

Here's a couple of numbers to ponder: .270 and .276. The latter number is Carlos Gomez's on-base percentage. The former is Delmon Young's batting average. I realize that in this enlightened age we're supposed to discount batting average as a poor tool, but when  your batting average is within single digits of someone else's on-base percentage, I think that's significant.

Here's a classic TwinsGeek Player A/Player B:

A - .316/912, 6 XBH (4 2B, 2 HR), 6 RBI

B - .270/714, 3 XBH (2 2B, 1 HR), 4 RBI

Player B is Joe Mauer, in 74 plate appearances dating back to June 17. Player A is Delmon Young, in 39 plate appearances dating back to June 17.

Small sample size? Sure. Has Delmon been sucking lately? Not on your life. Heck, if Jason Kubel had been hitting that well since June 17 (he's hitting .264/775 with 5 RBI and 7 XBH in 58 PAs), we'd be seeing a return of the 'Free Jason Kubel' booster club, I have no doubt.

I mean, come on, guys -- does nobody else see that Carlos Gomez is the poorest fundamental player that's ever taken up a spot on a Ron Gardenhire roster? His throws home that go halfway up the line allowing the batter to advance an extra base, his swinging for the fences any time the guy in front of him manages an extra-base hit?


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