Somethings We've Learned

We have seen a lot from some players since the Twins clinched that we may not have had a chance to if they hadn't clinched so early.  I think this is a good time to go over some of the things that we have learned.


Jeff Manship - Can be good in short bursts but seems to get shelled after and inning or two.  With some better control of his fastball and the groundball tendency he has shown he may end up being a good releiver.  In 2011 I hope that he sticks with the Major League club in the role of long man and learns how to get out major league hitters consistenly.  He may have a touch of Matt Guerrier in him and could be a good bullpen arm in a couple of years.

Alex BurnettHas good velocity on his fastball, and has pretty mediocre secondary stuff which would be okay oif he were able to command either offering.  I imagine the Twins would like him to play some winter ball and develope better control of his fastball and hopefull sharpen his offspeed pitches.  If that doesn't happen i think he spends at least the first half in Rochester.

Pat Neshek - Still not back completely from surgery.  His fastball is down in velocity and his slidder doesn't seem useful at all.  It may be that he is suffering from dead arm or post surgery fatigue, but at this point he cannot be counted in the plans for next years bullpen.

Glen Perkins - Was up and down when he first came up this year, but he has looked pretty good in his last couple of outings.  I am not sure that he is still a starter, but a low-to-mid 90's fastball and a good curveball might be nice out of the pen.  If I had it my way he would be on the postseason roster in place of Mijares. (Thats if we must take two lefties)

Jose Mijares - Total mess. What happened to this guy?  I know he had knee issues and maybe we are still seeing rust, but he looks lost.  Who knows what is up with him, but I don't trust him and I get the feeling that the Twins don't either.  He could be trade bait, he could be the best releiver we have, or he could just be a LOOGY, but the way he is throwing right now who cares just don't make me watch him pitch.

Drew Butera - Exactly what the Twins said he was.  Good glove, no hit backup catcher. Not much else to say, except get used to him he isn't going anywhere.

Jason Repko - Nothing more than a defensive replacement.  Somehow he still takes the first pitch every at bat even though it seems that is always a fastball right down the middle.  Has less business swinging as hard as he does than Nick Punto.  I doubt he will be on the team next year as the Twins should be able to fill his role with Dustin Martin or Brandon Roberts.

Ben Revere - Still a year or two away from regular playing time. He will likely start the year in Rochester and may get a call up if someone gets hurt, but i can't imagine the Twins rushing him just to be the 4th outfielder.  Supposedly his best tools are his speed and hit bat but we haven't seen either yet.  His hits have all been singles (and not very well struck, for the most part) and he has yet to try to steal a base.  I think he's fast, but we'll have to see.


Danny Valencia- I know we have watched him most of the year and he has been great up to this point, but just an observation; does anyone look less interested in playing right now than Danny Valencia?  His AB's have been terrible since they clinched, his feilding looks even worse (what was the trip over the shoelaces routine he pulled last night?).  One thing is for certain, the kid still needs to be motivated in some manor to play because with nothing to play for it sure looks like he's doggin it.

 Sorry this is so long.  Did I miss anyone?

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