What the Twins should do this Offseason

The Twins as of now have $67,750,000 dedicated to Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Joe Nathan, Micheal Cuddyer, Denard Span, Scott Baker, and Nick Blackburn. My estimate for the Twins 2011 payroll is $115,000,000. So the Twins have $47,250,000 left.


Options - The Twins will definitely buy out Punto's option. I think the same should be done to Kubel. Payroll - 48,100,000

Arbitration -  I have no idea how arbitration works so I'll just go with Jesse's estimate. So the Twins have about 21 million to spend for about 8 players ( Danny Valencia wasn't included on the numbers above). Here's where it gets interesting.

Free Agency and Call Ups - The Twins now need a bench bat, a strike-out pitcher, a couple of quality relievers, a 2nd baseman, Outfield defense and some speed (These are just my opinions).

Relievers- The Twins have some great options in the minors. Kyle Waldrop and Anthony Slama should become mainstays on the Twins MLB roster starting next year. Rauch can be resigned cheap and that's how I think the bull pen should shape out. I think 1.5 million for Rauch is appropriate. Payroll Left - 18.7 million

Bench Bat - Jim Thome filled this role this year but he might go looking for more money elsewhere. if Thome doesn't come cheap, Jason Giambi could probably be signed for little cash. For either of them a 1 year, 2 million dollar contract would be appropriate. Payroll Left - 16.7 million

2nd Baseman -The Twins must look at free agency for their 2nd baseman because we don't have an in house option besides Casilla and I'm not sure he's ready for that role. The Twins will probably resign Orlando Hudson for 2 years at about 5 million a year. Payroll Left - 11.7 million

Strike-out pitcher -Carl Pavano should not be resigned in my opinion. I love the stache but he doesn't strike out anyone and was lucky this year with a BABIP of .286. His xFIP was 4.06. We are nto going to get Cliff Lee. We just don't have the money. Some options in free agency are Ben Sheets, Brandon Webb, and Hiroki Kuroda. Sheets and Webb could come cheap considering one is coming off a bad season and the other a serious injury. Kuroda seems like a safe bet if you ask me. He pitched over 195 innings, struck out 7.3/9, and had an ERA of 3.39. His FIP was 3.26 and his WHIP was 1.16. He could probably come for 1 year, 8 million. Payroll Left - 3.7 million

Outfield Defense - Ben Revere will probably be on the team next year. He would provide us with some much needed speed and some good defense to go along with solid hitting.

Add a back up catcher and that's how I think the Twins offseason will unfold. What do you think?

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