Bacon & Cigarettes

He will get carded at liquor stores until he's 38, minimum.

Jesse has an AM news/link roundup we like to call Baseball & Breakfast here at Twinkie Town. It's a thorough, informative, easy-to-digest experience for the reader, even when Jon does it. (Love you, man.) Me? I'm less good at it, which is why you usually get talking mustaches, the salary cap consquences of trading for Airwolf, etc. However, as we wait for the Hot Stove League to kick in and a truly strange World Series to come to an end, I need to give you, the loyal, offseason Twinkie Town visitor, something for the effort. Since it'll probably be bad for you, I'm calling it Bacon & Cigarettes (also, I love the Replacements). I hope you enjoy the salty goodness and smooth flavor.

  • Although the season isn't actually over, any Twins blog worth its pixels is already breaking down the difficult roster decisions facing Bill Smith & Co. this winter. My co-writers have done a bang-up job already; after you've read all the linked items thoroughly and given us the pageviews we need to buy corn liquor and ammunition food for our children, check out what those goofy, lovable bastards over at TwinsCentric had to say about "hidden aces" (Part 1, Part 2).
  • In case you missed it, the Type A and Type B free agent determinations have been made. Pavstache, Guerrier and Jason Kubel's Beard are As; Fuentes, Crainwreck, Hudson and Rauch are Bs.
  • The Florida Marlins allegedly discussed dealing Mike Stanton to the White Sox for Ozzie Guillen. This is just like when the Twins almost traded Billy Gardner to the Angels for Brian Downing.
  • "They're all smokin' weed!"
  • Before the Texas bullpen melted down last night, I think it's worth noting that the first two runs were scored by Edgar Renteria and Juan Uribe, two players who precisely nobody predicted would have a major impact in the 2010 postseason. Add that to a roster larded with castoffs, pudgy dudes, a 14-year-old catcher with the name of a Dickensian ragamuffin, and relievers that might share a home planet with Darren Daulton, and you have a team that is two wins away from a title. Hard not to enjoy it.

Happy Halloween, everybody.

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