Greinke, McCutcheon and Disater 'pen combined.....WHEEEEE!!!!!!!

I have enjoyed reading everyone's blueprints for 2011, and thought I would try one myself... easy, right? NOT!!

First, the issue of 52 million committed to Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer, Nathan, and Harris.... EGADS!!! Creativity is in order here. Wanting to address the issues of starting pitching and outfield defense, While staying close to 115 million.

All free agents except Crain and Hardy walk. Trade Capps for what we can get as his price will be too high for this budget (Arizona possibly?) Sign Crain to 3 yr 12 mil deal (3/4/5) and Hardy to a 2 yr 13 mil deal(6/7 with a 9 mil club option/ 1 mil buyout) for 2013

With the trade of David De Jesus to Oakland, the trade prospects of Greinke went up exponentially, so a trade of Kubes and Joe Benson plus a low level prospect seems like a reasonable deal, since KC can use some power. 

Addressing outfield defense,  I like Andrew Mc Cutcheon, and  I propose a trade of Slowey plus a low level pitching prospect to accomplish this. We also recieve Ryan Doumit as they want to move him in favor of Chris Snyder.

A Rotation of Cuddy, Delmon and Doumit at RF/DH could be very productive, and with McCutcheon in CF, our outfield defense just got a lot better regardless of who's in right.

So, without further fanfare, I (not so) proudly present the Greinke, McCutcheon, Disaster 'pen plan (wild applause here)

Alright, here is my 2011 Twins Blueprint.

C      Joe Mauer               23M
1B     Justin Morneau       15 M
2B     Alexi Casilla            800 K
3B     Danny Valencia      500K
SS     JJ Hardy                 7M
LF     Denard Span           1M      
CF     Mc Cutcheon           800K
RF     Delmon Young         6M
DH    Michael Cuddyer     10.5 M
B       Morales                   500K
B       Plouffe                     500K
B       Repko                      700K
B       Ryan Doumit           4.5 M        72.55  inc Harris 1.75

SP     Scott Baker             5M
SP      Liriano                    4 M
SP     Duensing                500K
SP     Blackburn               3M
SP     Grenke                    13.5 M     26 M starters

CL     Nathan                    12.5M
RP     Crain                         3  M
RP     Mijares                    500K
RP     Neshek                    500K
RP     Slama                      500K
RP     Burnett                     500K
RP      Perkins                   600K   18.1 M pen

Total 116.65 mil, without Harris, I would have come in just under 115 mil.

Could be an interesting roster, and hopefully some AAA and AA guys progress to help, allowing for trade deadline moves to improve thge team and alleviate salary concerns.


I expect to get blasted, but..... what the heck an E for effort, right?......Right?.......RIGHT????

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