My thoughts on our first place Twins

I posted this in a few other places I frequent. I had to share my love for the Twins all over the world! Hope you enjoy!:


My favorite club is hella good this year, and after a 7-3 first place start I had to brag a little.

The daily line up is stacked. The Twins have scored the second most runs in the AL (one behind Detroit), and have the best run differential of +19 of any team in the AL.

1. CF Denard Span .340 OB%
2. 2B Orlando Hudson current 7 game hit streak
3. C Joe Mauer .353 AVG .463 OB% 1.052 OPS
4. 1B Justin Morneau .342 AVG .457 OB%
5. RF Michael Cuddyer .333 AVG
6. DH Jason Kubel .412 OB% .947 OPS
7. LF Delmon Young .346 AVG 1.033 OPS
8. SS J.J. Hardy 2HR
9. 3B Nick Punto 1.000 Fielding % with tons of range

Jim Thome
Brendan Harris

Starting Pitching:
SP1 Scott Baker 1-1 3.86ERA
SP2 Nick Blackburn 1-1 5.02ERA
SP3 Carl Pavano 2-0 1.38ERA 10K 13IP
SP4 Kevin Slowey 1-1 3.48ERA
SP5 Francisco Liriano 1-0 2.08ERA 11K 13IP 8Hits allowed

Jon Rauch 1.80ERA, 5 saves in 5 opp (leads MLB)
Pat Neshek 0.00ERA
Matt Guerrier 0.00ERA
Jose Mijares
Brian Duensing

The entire staff is pitching to an ERA of 2.88 while allowing an AL low 29 runs against (all while playing more games then all but two AL teams). That is pretty impressive when considering perennial All-Star closer Joe Nathan is out for the season.

On Defense, Minnesota has committed just one error all year (a throwing error by left fielder Delmon Young on a play at the plate where the ball bounced off the incoming base runners feet). This is a strong start for a team that many people have argued is weak on the defensive side of the ball.

This roster has led the Twins to three series wins (3-1 over the Angels, 2-1 over the White Sox, and 2-1 over the Red Sox) to start the season. An important note on the hot start is that the club has also accumulated a 5-2 mark on the road thus far. This is important because traditionally the Twins have been monsters at home while struggling greatly on the road.

This has all led the Twins to leading the AL in Wins and Win percentage. Not to shabby for my home town nine.

And just think, I just wrote all of that and didn't even mention the brand new ballpark...

Here's to a hell of a fun season!
Go Twins!

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