Off-day trivia: the 2010 season so far

I found a fun page of baseball information on, and I thought it would lend itself to some off-day trivia questions.  Here's the link (, but see how you do without peaking first!

2010 attendance. 

The Twins are currently 8th in baseball in average attendance (38,381) and 3rd in percent of capacity (97.2%).

1.  Name the 1 team that's higher in both categories.   

2.  Name the other team that's has a better capacity percentage and the other 6 teams with higher average attendance.

3.  Four teams have average attendance figures below 20,000 and none of these teams currently have a losing record.  Name them.

Best single-game performances. 

ESPN has a system for quantifying how good a player's single-game performance was and lists the best performances of the year.  Each H, R, RBI, and TB is worth 1 point, each SB, BB, HBP, SB, and sacrifice is worth .25, and each out, caught-stealing, and K is worth -.25.   

4.   One Twins offensive performance ranks in the top 50 in the AL.  Name the player and the game.

5.  Three of the top 50 offensive performances in the AL have been against the Twins, including the #1 performance overall.  Name the players and games.  (By the way, none of the top 50 pitcher performances have been against the Twins.)

6.  Three of top 5 AL offensive performances were from the same team (3 different players).  Name the team.

Beane Count.

The Twins are currently 2rd in the AL in the "Beane Count", which ranks teams exclusively on how well their hitters produce walks and home runs and how well their pitchers prevent these things.  Overall score is the sum of a team's ranks in these 4 categories.  The Twins, for example, are tied for 2nd in HR, 5th in BB, tied for 5th in HR allowed, and 1st in BB allowed.

7.  The Beane Count tracks pretty closely to W/L record, but the second-worst "Beane Count" team in the AL actually has the best record in baseball right now.  Which team?

Cy Young Predictor.

The Cy Young Predictor ranks season performances according to a Rob-Neyer-created formula designed to simulate the criteria used over the years by Cy Young voters. 

8.  Which Twin currently ranks in the top 10? 

9.  Which former Twin is currently #1 in the AL?

10.  Which former Twin in currently #5 in the NL?

11.  Who is being paid almost $10 million by the Detroit Tigers to be ranked #9 in the NL?

12.  Which Twin ranked in the top 10 (at #6) last year?  (Big Hint: this Twin has finished every year but 1 since 2005 in the top 10)


13.  Two players have made their MLB debuts with the Twins this year.  Name them. 

14.  There have been only 23 debuts in MLB so far this year, but 5 of them are with one team.  Name the team.

15.  Three non-Twins have debuted in the AL Central this year.  Name 2 of 3.  (Hint: 2 with the Tigers, 1 with the White Sox)

(More trivia: 3 of the players that have debuted this year are over 30.  None are under 20.)

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