ESPN Draft Results

Knowing that we have a very knowledgeable group of writers on TwinkieTown, I thought I would post one of my ESPN leagues draft results for my team.  I would like some input into my choices, whether they were solid choices, etc....

So, results after the break...

  1. Alex Rodriguez (this is the only round I was not present for, computer selected)
  2. Matt Holliday 
  3. Johan Santana 
  4. Matt Wieters  
  5. Jason Bay 
  6. Adam Jones 
  7. Justin Verlander 
  8. Adam Dunn 
  9. Andrew McCutchen  
  10. John Lackey 
  11. Jason Kubel 
  12. Yunel Escobar 
  13. Andrew Bailey 
  14. Trevor Hoffman 
  15. Brad Ziegler 
  16. Carlos Zambrano 
  17. Ian Stewart  
  18. Takashi Saito  
  19. Mike Adams 
  20. Nick Johnson 
  21. Geovany Soto 
  22. Neftali Feliz 
  23. Brandon Inge
  24. Alberto Callaspo  
  25. Jim Thome

So, my lineup will look something like this:

  • C - Matt Wieters
  • 1B - Adam Dunn 
  • 2B - Ian Stewart 
  • 3B - Alex Rodriguez 
  • SS - Yunel Escobar 
  • 2B/SS - Alberto Callaspo
  • 1B/3B - Nick Johnson 
  • OF - Matt Holliday   
  • OF - Jason Bay 
  • OF - Adam Jones
  • OF - Andrew McCutchen 
  • OF - Jason Kubel 
  • Util - Geovany Soto 
  • SP - Johan Santana 
  • SP - Justin Verlander 
  • SP - Carlos Zambrano 
  • SP - John Lackey 
  • RP - Andrew Bailey 
  • RP - Brad Ziegler 
  • RP - Mike Adams 
  • RP - Trevor Hoffman 
  • RP - Takashi Saito 
  • BE - Neftali Feliz 
  • BE - Brandon Inge 
  • BE - Jim Thome 

The reason for my sudden splurge in Pitchers from rounds 13-16 is my realization, at the time, that I had focused on my field crew rather than my mound crew.  I tried to have a good balance of power (Dunn, Holliday) with OBP (Johnson, Escobar).  Also, my pitching selections, especially my relief pitchers, were based entirely off of projections.

Most of these players flew under the wire for a surprising length of time (Thome in final round? Soto in 21st? Lackey in 10th? Feliz in 22nd?)  Some pleasant surprises certainly came my way tonight and there are still players out there: Slowey, Scutaro, Byrd, Swisher, Hughes, Dice-K...even Aroldis Chapman was not grabbed for the future when the Reds inevitably bring him up! 

So what are your thoughts?  Should I drop anybody and pick up somebody else who may be available?

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