Samples of White Sox Fans on the Twins.

Well, it is official.  The White Sox got lucky and beat us.  Being the brave sort I am, I browsed the South Side Sox game thread and there isn't a lot of love for the Twins.  In fact, it is all hate to the point that Sox fans were half hoping that a brawl would break out during the game.  I don't think they were serious but there was on yesterday in the St. Louis/Cincinnati game and a brawl would have serious reprocussions on the AL Central Pennant Race.  And this includes allowing Detroit to get back into the race.  The South Side Sox gamethread wrap after the jump.

This first one concerns having dinner with a certain Sox announcer and I guess it was a promotion covered during tonight's game.

Win dinner with Hawks? Who would want to have dinner with Hawk that would be the most fucking annoying dinner conversation ever. "I tell ya what, this guy eats steak better than anyone i’ve seen in my 70+ years in eatin’ STRETCH GET ON BACK THERE, HE LOOKS UP, YOU CAN SEND HIM TO THE BATHROOOOOOM! YES!"

Back off man, I'm a scientist
Bug Chucker Fly Fishing
by BigCSouthside on Aug 11, 2010 7:43 PM CDT


Who wouldn't want dinner with the Hawk.  Not me.  I rather have one with Dick Bremer or John Gordon.  Frankly, I would love it if the following was said:

Here come's White Sox's Management to throw him out the door and tell him to never come back YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

This second message board posting needs to be put in context a bit better.  It came during a thread where the Sox fans were telling each other which Twins player they hate the most.  Needless to say that Jim Thome got some votes and another wished death on Joe Mauer, but this message really gets me right here:

I'll add as most hated Twins, Bert Blyleven and Dick Something or other, the Twins TV announcers on Fox Sports North. Listening to them pronounce Kubel and Cuddyer and Mourneau and Mauer sounds like two guys in an ice fishing booth . . . Ya der, ya know.

Twins also rip off pick to click with something they call "pick the stick."
by VAChisox on Aug 11, 2010 8:10 PM CDT


I don't know about you, but this isn't in good taste.  Dick and Bert state player names perfectly.  Saying the names of our players is perfect when you know what you are doing.  What do you want?  A team full of Jones' just so that Dick Bremer can pronounce names the way you want?  Well, you might just get what you want because a team of 25 players the last name of Jones might just beat your ass.  Finally, if you are going to rip on our announcers, do it right and use their last names.  This includes Dick Bremer who has a history with the Twins dating back to 1983, all as announcer.  Finally pick the stick and pick to click are the same except the White Sox game isn't scored.

Note: The second quote is my own saying after White Sox Announcer Hawk is thrown out of a resturant for being a asshole.

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