Twins Draft Production 2000 - 2010

Players who made it to the majors in all caps and significant big-leaguers in bold

Big Leaguers for other teams (did not sign with Twins or traded) in italics.

Minor-leaguers still in system in lower case and significant players in bold. I don't see any players drafted in 2003 or before that haven't made it to the majors and are still in the system. Also 2008, 2009, 2010 drafts have more players than listed still in the system but I just picked out the names I regularly see in minor league box scores.



JASON KUBEL (12th round)

AARON HEILMANN (1st round supplemental - METS 2001 1st round - #18 )

PAUL MAHOLM (17th round - PIRATES 2003 1st round - #8 )

JD DURBIN (2nd round)

JOSH RABE (11th round)


JOE MAUER (oh you know)

JOSE MORALES (3rd round as a shortstop) 

NICK BLACKBURN (29th round)

MATT MACRI (17th round - don't think he signed.. came back in a trade w/ ROX I think)


DENARD SPAN (1st round

JESSE CRAIN (2nd round)

PAT NESHEK (6th round)

ADAM LIND (8th round - JAYS 2004 4th round)

JEFF CLEMENT (12th round  - MARINIERS 2005 1st round - #3)


SCOTT BAKER (2nd round)

LEVALE SPEIGNER (14th round - left as minor league free agent I think?)

TRAVIS METCALF (38th round - RANGERS 2004 - 11th round)


GLEN PERKINS (1st round - #22 ... phil hughes was #23 *nuts*)

MATT TOLBERT (16th round)

TREVOR PLOUFFE (1st round - #20)



kyle waldrop (1st round - #25)

matt fox (1st round supplemental)

eduardo morlan (3rd round)

rene tosoni (34th round - did not sign)


(pretty weak draft considering how may 1st round & supplemental picks they had)


MATT GARZA (1st round - #25)

KEVIN SLOWEY (2nd round)

BRIAN DUENSING (3rd round)

ALEX BURNETT (12th round)

STEVE TOLLESON (5th round)


yonder alonso (16th round - REDS 2005 1st round - #7)

paul kelly (2nd round)

ryan mullins (3rd round)

erik lis (9th round)

david bromberg (32nd round)

rene tosoni (36th round - signed this time)

toby gardenhire (41st round)


DANNY VALENCIA (19th round)

ANTHONY SLAMA (39th round)

JEFF MANSHIP (14th round)

ANDREW OLIVER (17th Round - TIGERS 2009 2nd Round)


chris parmalee (1st round)

joe benson (2nd round)

tyler robertson (3rd round)

steve singleton (11th round)

mark dolenc (15th round)

derek mccallum (50th round - did not sign)

brian dinkelman (8th round)



ben revere (1st round)

dan rams (2nd round)

angel morales (3rd round)

mike mccardell (6th round)

daniel lehmann (8th round)

michael tarsi (12th round)

josh workman (23rd round - TIGERS 2008 38th round)

mike kvasnick (31st round - ASTROS 2010 1st round supplemental #33)



aaron hicks (1st round - #14)

carlos gutierrez (1st round - #27... lonnie chisenhall & casey kelly #29 & #30 respectively)

shooter hunt (1st round supplemental - #31)

tyler ladendorf  (2nd round - traded to Oakland)

robert lanigan (3rd round)

daniel ortiz (4th round)

nicholas romero (5th round)

bj hermensen (6th round)

dan osterbrock (7th round)

michael gonzales (9th round)

evan bigley (10th round)

blayne weller (14th round)

bruce pugh (19th round)

steven blevins (21st round)

nate hanson (28th round)

michael tonkin (30th round)




kyle gibson (1st round - #22)

matt bashore (1st round supplmental)

billy bullock (2nd round)

ben tootle (3rd round)

derek mccallum (4th round - signed this time)

brian dozier (8th round)

steven liddle  (15th round)

dakota watts (16th round)

kane holbrooks (21st round)

nick lockwood (9th round)




alex wimmers (1st round - #21)

niko goodrum (2nd round)

pat dean (3rd round)

eddie rosario (4th round)

nate roberts (5th round)

logan darnell (6th round)

matt hauser (7th round)

lance ray (8th round)

kyle knudson (9th round)

jadamion williams (10th round)


To me the 2007 draft looks like the worst of the decade. If neither Revere or Morales make it the entire draft looks like a bust... but it wouldn't take much to outperform the 03 class either.

2005, 2002, and 2001 draft classes all have had solid returns but hard to pick one as the best.

Hard to say anything about the 2008,2009, 2010 classes yet but hopefully they atleast look better than the 03 & 07 classes after a couple of years.

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