Teh Internets is Serious Business!

Remember this fanpost, Samples of White Sox Fans on the Twins by Jessy S? Here's a sample.


Click on the picture to make it bigger. Highlights are mine. The red line is what really caught my attention. To quote the Joker, "Why so serious?"


Many of us, including some folks from South Side Sox, got a good laugh out of it. Now it's taken a serious and yet somehow, even funnier turn. Link to the KSTP story

Online Mauer 'Threat' Misinterpreted

A possible death threat posted online against Twins star Joe Mauer turns out not to be as ill-willed as it sounds.

Minneapolis police alerted Chicago police after a blogger wrote, "die mauer".

I don't know if it was Jessy S who called the MPD or not. I'm not trying to pick on him. Apparently, KSTP contacted thatshortkid via email.

It turns out, "die mauer" actually means, "the wall" in German and the poster, a man from southern California, says he spent time in Berlin. It was actually a grudging compliment for the catcher. That's what he told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS when we tracked him down. He told us by phone that despite Mauer making "a habit of crushing our dreams with swings of the bat," he means him no ill will.

A Minneapolis police spokesperson told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, "there's no reason to think this was a threat versus fans talking trash."

Here's what the "die mauer" commenter, thatshortkid, said on Jessy S.'s post:


wow, champ. "as plain as day", huh.

did you even bother doing a cursory google search? i know the internet might be new in your corner of east dakota, but damn:

boy, those germans! they have a different word for everything!

These events have me frightened and on the verge of evacuating my bowels.

by thatshortkid on Aug 13, 2010 7:19 PM CDT up reply actions  

Pretty funny unless thatshortkid had ended up in a naked human pyramid in Guantanamo. OK, that might have been funny too. I guess the moral of the story is RELAX!  I think we've all been guilty of taking ourselves or what someone has said on the internet too seriously at one time or another, including KSTP. Joe Mauer was never in any danger.


Thatshortkid relaxes at home after stepping on a rake.

OK, enough of this, back to my model trains.

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