Depth, Depth and more Depth - 3 players you'll hate that add depth.


Due to the lack of movement this offseason, I am of the mind that our Twins FO is determined to enter Spring training with basicly, what they have. Our starting position players are pretty much set. Assuming we bring back Pavano (I know big and contriversal assumption) and find one or two veteran arms for the bullpen we may have another 10 million to spend on position players (another assumption, could be more - could be less).

So, who do we get to sit on our bench and/or compete for our weaker/uncertain postions? Here, are my suggestions after the jump.


I think it a given, that each position should have at least one backup, two are preferrable. Some free agents, on the cheap, that would fill up holes in our lineup; Jorge Cantu, and Willie Bloomquist. Each should be had for around 2 million and each can play multiple positions.

Jorge Cantu
A right-handed batter that can play 1st, 2nd, 3rd. He is young 28, streaky but with potential could be a good platoon option with Kubel. He is a low-risk high reward position player that gives us much needed depth at 1st and 2nd. With Morneau' perpensity for 2nd half injuries and Cassilla's lack of a full year of consistancy, both positions are in need of depth.

Willie Bloomquist
Also a righty, can play anything but pitcher or catcher. Mostly Bloomquist 33, has played CF of late, but he played SS 38 times in 2009 and has the ability to play 2nd also. I like this pick up allot, he would be a great utility player. His bat is minimally better than LNP's but he also plays all outfield positions.

The next player would have to be acquired through a trade.

Ryan Doumit
(I wrote this as a comment in the The Unoficial Trade and FA Signing post weeks ago so if you have read, please skip ahead)
Doumit 29, can play; catcher, 1st base, rightfield and DH. This gives us some much needed depth at 1st base and some newly needed depth at the catcher position with the Morales’ trade. He is a switch hitter that has some, but not impressive pop.The Pirates have been looking for suitors for him and have even indicated that they would eat some of the cost of his contract, he will make 5.1 million this year and is a 500k buyout for 2012 and 2013. So, I bet the traded player(s) could be AA fodder.  He had one really nice year; 2008. But, he has dealt with lingering injury issues since.

All three might be bench fodder, versatile depth or even surprise position winners out of spring training. The hope is that either Doumit or Cantu find form and prove a solid DH platoon partner for Kubel while adding depth to our bench within our price range and the Bloomquist can irritate you  enough to comment on this post. If the Pirates pay 1mil on Doumit’s 2011 season , the twins could have all three for 8mil. That would leave two mil for whoever you all suggest would add more depth.

Oh, and please don't just state how dumb I am for suggesting these guys, tell us who you would go with to add some depth to our bench.

Thanks for reading.

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