My Crazy Off-Season Strategy....

We all have the whole off-season to ponder what the Twins will do through Free Agency and what not, but I have come up with a totally crazy idea that seems very far-fetched, but it could be one of the best things this franchise ever did.  It could also come back to bite them in the future too, but hey, we won 63 games last year, we are going to have to do something big...

First off, we can let Cuddyer walk.  I would offer arbitration, all the while knowing he's probably going to get a multi-year deal.  We will get 2 picks out of him this way. (He's type A)

For our other FA's, We can let both Capps and Kubel walk.

We should offer Arbitration to Liriano, Perkins, and Mijares.  I think we should keep those 3 locked up.

I think instead of buying out Nathan's 12.5 million dollar deal for 2.5 million, we should re-work it so he's on a 2 year/10 million dollar deal.

I would trade Denard Span to the Nats for Ian Desmond, Tyler Clippard and a minor leaguer.

I would send Justin Morneau off to wherever will take him, or re-structure his deal to about 5 mil a year down from 15 mil.

Sign Ryan Doumit as a DH/C/1B, Nate McLouth OF, and Orlando Cabrera 2B/SS to cheap deals...

Then, the crazy part.  We give Albert Pujols a 6 year/240 million dollar deal.  He is worth it.  Just stay with me for a while...

C: Joe Mauer

1B: Albert Pujols

2B: Trevor Plouffe

SS: Ian Desmond

3B: Danny Valencia

LF: Ben Revere

CF: Joe Benson

RF: Brian Dinkleman

DH: Ryan Doumit

Bench: Chris Parmalee, Nate McLouth, and Orlando Cabrera.

SP's: Liriano, Baker, Pavano, Blackburn, and Hendricks

RP's: Clippard, Duensing, Perkins, Mijares, Nathan, Oliveros, Slama, and Dumatrait

We would have the two best hitters in baseball, when healthy.  We would have a speedy, defensively orientated OF, and we would have a much improved infield and bullpen.  We may be thin at OF, but we are loaded in the minors if the injury bug bites us.  There are also a LOT of quality OF that sign for dirt cheap at the end of FA... I would be open to signing one of them.

What does everyone think?  I know it's very, very unlikely, but would we not sell out every game for the next 5 years?  Would we not be very dangerous down the stretch if Pujols and Mauer remain healthy?  Would we not have one of the best bullpens in the AL?  Where are the flaws??? (FYI, we would be very close to the payroll we opened up with this year)

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