Twinsgirl197's Imaginary Off Season Game 1: Duece, Danny deliver

Happy off season, Twins fans! Welcome to the wonderful imagination of Twinsgirl197! I was sort of musing to myself on Twitter Monday, and ended up mentioning that I was thinking about writing a fake game recap every Saturday for the offseason to entertain myself over on my own blog. But then Jesse said I should put it on here as well. So, here I am, ranting as I usually do before the jump on my fanposts :)

So I should probably explain myself a little bit. I’m using the rosters from the 2011 season for this whole thing, unless a major trade occurs in the middle of this "season" that I feel like adding to this. I will probably just post these things on Saturdays, but I seem to have been a little antsy to get it started so wrote it since I have no homework tonight. Our opening game is against the Rays, and will be Brian Duensing (could you guys expect anything less?) vs. David Price. We’re starting the season at home also. Game recap after the jump :)

The crowd roared as Duensing took the mound today, not knowing what my favorite lefty was about to do. Brian proceeded to load the bases, with no outs, all via walks. Twins fans held their heads in shame. What had our pitcher done to us? Were we doomed to another 2011esque season? Anderson must’ve been working some magic, because Duensing proceeded to strike out the next three. Twins fans went nuts as it was the Rays fans’ turn to hang their heads in shame for wasting such an opportunity.

David Price was a little off of his game today, but it still worked for him. He ended up going 7 innings, walking 2, K’ing 5, giving up 5 hits and 0 runs. Our offense didn’t seem to be quite awake for those first 7 innings, the only batters getting hits were Span (2 singles), Mauer (double), Morneau (single) and Valencia (single) against Price.

Getting into the 5th inning, fans started realizing something. Looking at the scoreboard, it appeared that there were 0 hits for the Rays. Some whisperings started "Wow, is it happening?" "Heck of a mess with the walks, but wow, the game that shall not be described is happening right now…" "Dang, Duece is looking goooooood out there…." (oh wait, that last one was me thinking…). His pitch count was high, because he had allowed 7 walks and Longoria had racked up two 13 pitch at bats and 4 other players also had 7+ pitch at bats.

Brian ended up slipping his way into the 8th with 102 pitches. His first batter in the eighth was Upton. The count was quickly 0-2, and then slipped to 2-2. Brian left a cookie middle in, and B.J. made sure he knew it. Brian had a little grin on his face and shook his head almost laughing when BJ pulled into 2nd and stopped with a double. Gardy quickly made a trip out to the mound and took him out.

Perk came in and quickly struck out 2 and got Johnny Damon to ground out to Nishioka. The Twins went quietly in the 8th, and Perk again sent the Rays down without a hitch.

This left Danny batting in the bottom of the 9th with 2 strikes. Joel Peralta left Danny’s favorite pitch right in his power stroke. Fans watched the ball, praying that it’d stay fair. Even Danny waved his left hand towards first as he trotted towards first, wishing it would stay fair. I think Twins fans could be heard all the way in Florida with the roar that hit Target Field as Danny’s shot bounced off the foul pole in left.

What a great day to be a Twins fan! (PS. Yes, i need a life, I know...)

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