My plan for our offseason based on guys I think we would actually get...

I'll pass on speculating if we will re-sign Cuddy, Kubes or Nathan, I'd rank those guys in the order of need as Cuddy, Nathan, Kubes tho.

I’m approaching this with what I feel is the typical way of the Twins approach in free agency-

Based on our needs we need a legit middle infielder who we can at least justify getting the amount of at bats Gardy wasted on Nishi, we also need some righties and hopefully some power there too.

This is my list of position players I’d like to see brought in:

Middle Infield-

Reyes ain’t happening and has a lot of risk. Rollins would be worth a little risk- he is an injury liability but is good in the field, has plenty of speed still and could become a double and triple machine at Target field.

I’m one of the few who thinks Casilla is better at short so I’d be ok with looking for a guy to bring in at 2nd or I hate to say this but bringing Punto back for SS where having his glove can justify starting at that position with his hitting.

Aaron Hill definitely a risk but could be signed cheap I’d guess but could have huge upside for us, he’s got a ton of power and is a much needed righty, I think for the right deal he’d be more than worth the risk.

Mark Ellis has good D little offense but better than what we’ve had.

Both these guys seem like they would have some ties to an area like MN and may come cheap Or another utility guy like Jamie Carroll.

Depending on how the Twins feel about how much time Morneau can spend at 1st I would sign off on bringing in Carlos Pena- who has great D and plenty of pop- although at a much cheaper price than the Cubs last year.

DH’s and part timers

Vladdy, or Willingham who might cost too much but impressive to show any power in Oakland.


Personally I like Jackson for a deal like we paid to Baker but much more than that which I’m sure he’ll get is too much risk so… Once again I doubt we spend a ton and go get a front liner, tho I hope we do or trade for a proven guy.

So guys I could see them going for that I’d think would be worth the time:

Rich Harden I think he’s have to go to the pen but has the stuff to close and with Perk being a lefty would be a pretty good one-two punch in the back of the pen maybe like something around 6mil for two years if he’s open to RP.

Joel Zumaya has gas like nobody else and if like harden his arm wouldn’t fall off in a stiff breeze could be another dynamic reliever.

Andrew Brackmon better than most of our roster claims and wash ups we bring to camp, well at least potential wise.

George Sherril was good then bad then good again.

David Aardsma coming off Tommy John worth some risk IMO.


Not much out there I think we’ll get without dropping some coin, I think a trade is prolly the most probable if we actually get someone legit.

Hishashi Iwakuma do really want to go get another Japanese import?!

Edwin Jackson some risk on whether he’ll continue to stay healthy and he’s a bit inconsistent but young with a live arm.

Mark Buehrle hated him for a long time but would sure like to love him.

Ben Sheets another Twins type risk.

Chris Young would have to come real cheap cuz a he’s a huge injury risk but is good when he’s healthy.

At catcher anyone with a bat made of wood and not foam would be an upgrade.

So lastly my most logical and ideal lineup next year would be this-

Catcher- Mauer, anyone..

1st Morneau, Hughes, Cuddy?

2nd- Aaron Hill, nishi, hughes, plouffe

SS- Alexi Casilla, Nishi, Plouffe

3rd- Danny Valencia, plouffe, hughes

Left -Revere, Tosoni, Plouffe

Center- Span, revere

Right- Plouffe, Cuddy?

DH- Mourneau, Mauer, Plouffe

Utility Hughes, Nishi

Starting Rotation:













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