Twinsgirl197's Imaginary Off Season Game 2: Offense Shines, Pitching Pretty Much Blows

           Happy Saturday, Twins fans! I'm back with game 2! Tonight, we barely beat the White Sox in a slug-fest pitched by Blackburn and Peavy at US Cellular. It was pretty much a nightmare whenever The Sox batted, but when we batted, it was pretty sweet.

           This is my quick interpretation of where Blackie was throwing the ball all night:  2680057_orig_medium


So, the Sox definitely had their chances tonight. Blackie some how or another only gave up 2 walks and 1 HBP even though his control was simply awful. He did however, manage to give up 3 homeruns in 4 and 1/3 innings. Why he was left in that long, is beyond me. He gave up 9 runs. 9 freaking runs!

Swarzak came in as relief for him and did pretty great, I thought. He gave us a few solid innings until the 7th, where Gardy took him out for Capps. Swarzak wouldn't have given up any runs if Capps hadn't walked the bases loaded with 2 outs and 2 of Swarzak's runners on, and then given up a triple. Yeah, it happened.... :/

Burnet pitched a scoreless 8th, and Nathan pitched a scoreless 9th for his first save of the off season :)

Alright, now per suggestion of CoR, I filled out a scorecard, but I just wanted to do the Twins part because it took longer than I thought to do on paint and I have no access to a printer currently without breaking into a dorm room.



and ok, I'm sorry it seems that it'll be smaller than I intended... Plus some of it is hand written with a laptop mouse so its not the neatest (Not that a pen/pencil would be any more legible with me...). I'm pretty sure if you click it it'll get you a bigger picture... Or if it doesn't work when I post it I'll link you guys to it in the comments :) Also, just a warning my coach hates when I do scorebook at our game because apparently I do it weird... That's how I was taught so if you need help decoding, let me know in the comments and I'll be glad to help out 


Nishi hit his first home run tonight!! And it was a grand slam! (PS, you're welcome, Myjah :)

I still don't know who we're playing next week soo I'll go off to studs and duds (which I realized I forgot in my other recap! haha)



Valencia (was a homer away from the cycle!)








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