Acquiring another bat that could fill in at DH

Have you looked at our lineup lately? We need another bat, badly. Our team cannot absorb losses of a Professional Hitter™ and Cuddler® as easily as getting Willingham and hoping Morneau returns to beast mode. The folks over at MLBTradeRumors have done the heavy lifting here by assembling a list of free agents who can still hit a ball around with some degree of proficiency.

So unless you are comfortable with

1. Span - CF

2. Carroll - SS

3. Sweet Baby Jes Mauer - C

4. Morneau - 1B

5. Willingham - RF (maybe 4th)

6. Doumit/Plouffe/Parmelee - DH (oh lawd, no wonder he's writing this post)

7. Danny V - 3B

8. Casilla - 2B

9. Revere/Platoon Partner - LF

as your opening day lineup, let us pray that the FO reads this post. Pedestrian analysis after the jump.

The formula used for ISO is ISO = (2B + (3B*2) + (HR*3)) / AB, essentially how many extra bases per at-bat are generated by a hitter’s power. You can get the same result via SLG – AVG, which is what I usually do. For the statistically-inclined I learned that PECOTA counts triples and doubles equally since triples are more a function of luck and speed than extra giddy-up on a double. Commence pedestrian analysis!

Player – ISO



Snap Judgment

Prince Fielder
- .267 ISO

He would do better in the AL, especially as he ages

We are still paying Morneau money and cannot begin to afford whatever Boras wants

Not happening. Dream on.

Andruw Jones - .247

Affordable. The last 3 years he’s signed contracts of 500k, 500k, and 1.5 MM for the Rangers, White Sox and Jerks. During this time he’s averaged a dinger every 15 at-bats and has been a capable 4th outfield option who, unlike Revere, can hit a ball.

Old. Also represented by Boras (abject hate on my part).

He’s averaged 0.9 WAR in 89 games in the last three years and could easily replicate this. He would be a good option until Benson and Hicks are ready.

Carlos Pena - .237

Stupid power and he can take a walk

He’s already 33 and costs a lot and also a Boras client

Unless he wants to sign a cheapo 1-year deal to re-establish value, I wouldn’t even consider him

Jason Varitek - .203

Can catch. The Twins apparently drafted him in ’93 but did not sign.

Past his prime. He hit .223 last year, couldn’t throw out runners and isn’t getting any younger.

The last 4 seasons he has totaled 0.9 WAR. Pass.

Jonny Gomes - .180




Derrek Lee - .179

Right-handed power bat who put up a respectable triple slash of .267/.325/.446 last year

Hasn’t put up good numbers since 2009 and is now 36.

He cost $7.25 M last year…how low would he go this year?

Pat Burrell - .175

Pat the Bat had some great years

Gets hurt too much

He should retire gracefully and keep working with the Giants

Raul Ibanez - .174

Had an 8-year stretch of 2-WAR play from 2002-2009. He could excel in a part-time role

Price tag

Needs to take a big discount for us to afford him

Wilson Betemit - .169

If you can’t say something nice…

Can a guy who’s never hit more than 18 HR in a season even be considered a “power hitter”?

Maybe if he played for free.

Cody Ross - .165

I always thought 20-HR power from a corner outfield spot was a given

Is considered very comparable to Craig Monroe (bad memories)

Not worth it.

Jorge Posada - .163

Mystical beat-the-Yankees X-Factor?

Old, can’t really catch, eats up a bench spot.

Jesse made a case for him, and it has already fallen on deaf ears

Johnny Damon - .156

Very likable and still relevant – holy crap, he has over 50 WAR over his career!

Only broke 20 HR once at Fenway and twice at the Launchpad (Yankee Stadium) – good player, but not a power bat

I’d keep him on the radar

So I would posit that our only real options are Jones, Pena, Lee, Ibanez or Damon, but somehow I don't see the FO springing for anyone on this list, although both in terms of upside and price Jones would be my "most likely" choice. Thoughts?

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