Spring Training pictures 3/10, 3/11, 3/13 and 3/14


I posted a link to the first two games I was at a couple days ago.  The rest of the pictures are now posted.  The set from 3/14 also has pictures of the minor league side. 


A few of my favorites are after the jump.


Hammon Stadium entrance (via Anellenet)

It rained on Thursday, but for Friday's game the sun was out.  Hammond Stadium in the sun was just as pretty as it looked on TV on FSN all these seasons.  It holds around 8,000 people and they sell standing room only tickets like they do at Target Field.  Every game I was at was sold out, although the visiting fan support for the Phillies and Red Sox was pretty good so it's not all Twins fans.  I was chatting with a Blue Jays fan at the Thursday game and he said that Hammond was the nicest of the spring training stadiums he'd been to during his tour (he'd been to 3 others).  There are no bad seats and the ushers were pretty lenient in allowing people to the field edge and for later inning seat changes.  Unlike Target Field, there's no outside food or drinks allowed.



He's baaack (via Anellenet)

There are several Justin pics in the Friday and Sunday sets.  I was giddy on Tuesday while I was packing hearing about the B game, and getting to see him play in two games was even better.  I know he didn't get a hit, but just seeing him in that familiar position at 1B gave me more hope about this season than I've had in a while.



Kyle Gibson (via Anellenet)

I was excited we got to see Gibson in his last appearance before being sent to minor league camp.  I went to high school and college in Missouri so it's fun to see a Mizzou guy doing well.  He was a class act at Twinsfest and I hope he continues to do well. 


Minor league group listening to instruction (via Anellenet)

I'd read many of the minor league reports on here and had Seth's book with me so it was fun to see some of the names.  Kepler was bigger than I imagined.  I'd read his height and weight but somehow in my head he was still 12 and tiny. 


Minor leaguers doing workouts (via Anellenet)

They'd had to go through some literal hurdles then had to run through the rope ladder touching in and out of each square moving their arms.  No one seemed to get any special treatment.  Sano was in this group and was called out for not moving his arms.  Molitor was working with another group.  Carew had been there previous days but I missed him. 


Luke Hughes (via Anellenet)

I've officially started my Luke Hughes crush.  He was fun to watch and is having a great spring.  Mackey isn't exaggerating how rough Plouffe has looked in the field. Since Tolbert reportedly still has an option, if Luke stays healthy, he's made a great case for coming north with the club.  I can't wait to hear his accent on the pre/post game shows.


It wasn't all baseball.  If you make it down, Sanibel Island is beautiful.  Go early and eat at the Lighthouse Cafe for breakfast, then walk the beach to collect shells. 

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