Why We Hate the Yankees

As usual, my fanposts take some explaination. My friend is a Yankee "fan" (she only likes them because they are in New York, I told her I wouldn't care if she was a Mets fan but she just likes annoying me.) She didn't think that I could come up with actual legitimate reasons to hate the Yankees. So I'm using the power of the internet and proving to her that we don't hate them just because they aren't the Twins.

Reason 1:

 (This picture still pisses me off) The Yankees are what I like to refer to as butt nuggets (I get in trouble if I actually swear... So I substitute). They are extremely full of themselves. I mean come on, would any other team say "O good news were playing, say the Royals, in the playoffs. That's an E-Z pass"? I know, unlikely scenario, but I doubt anyone would be rude enough to actually publish that other than the Yankees. Also I'm not counting places like Twinkie Town just because we don't really count as saying stuff the Twins actually think when we vent about teams we don't like or think we're superior to.


Reason 2:

They seem to scare our guys or something. Which I totally don't get because I think we could beat the exact same players if they were wearing different jerseys. I know, them beating us isn't a great reason to hate them, but I count it as one.


Reason 3:

Is it just me or does it seem like once someone is a Yankee they get steroid accusations? I looked up how many Yankees have used steroids, and according to many websites, over 30 current or former Yankees have been caught or accused of using steroids. This bit of info was gathered from last year, and ranked the Yankees as the number one steroid abusing teams in the MLB. Personally I haven't followed baseball for very long but I know that at least one current Yankee has used steroids in the past, A-rod (or A-Roid). It should be noted that I'm using this information to diss the Yankees, but I sincerely hope that these players using steroids get the help they need to get off them and play the game the right way.


Reason 4:

Yankees "fans" annoy me. Now I'm not saying that the dedicated Yankee fan annoys me (well they do but I'm focussing on so-called fans.) It seems that if you ask someone what team they cheer for, they say the Yankees more often then not. Then You ask them any tidbit of information about the Yankees and they say they don't know because they don't like baseball that much.


Now I'm asking for your guys's help. If I missed any please put them in the comments, my friend says she'll stop saying the Yankees are her favorite team if I can come up with some more reasons. This would be really helpful because she is trying to get tickets to a game against the Yankees and if she can she's going to bring me and I don't want to be caught with a Yankee fan. Thanks everybody!

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