2011 MLB Preview Predictions

Figured I'd start this with some fearless predictions for the MLB season.

American League

East-1) Red Sox 2) Yankees 3)Rays 4) Orioles 5) Blue Jays

     As usual the AL east has three teams that would easily be favored in any other division.Strong offense and pitching will make the big two very difficult to beat. I anticipate very few surprises in this division and most likely the Wild Card will come from here as well. The Orioles will continue to improve due to the young talent and Showalter's history of developing young talent. This sentence is the most that will be written about the Bluejays this year.

Central-1)Twins 2)Tigers 3) White Sox 4) Indians 5) Royals

     This will most likely be a three team race by June with the Twins getting a small advantage mainly based on overwhelming lineup and performance the last couple of years. On paper the Tigers should win the division, but they find a way to blow it every year. The White Sox made enough moves to contend and will stay in contention until September. The Indians and the Royals will struggle to win 60 games. The ability for the other three teams to feast on wins against these two make it a possibility that the wild card could come from the Central.

West- 1) Angels 2) Rangers 3) Athletics 4) Mariners

     While most publications are looking to the A's or Rangers to win the division ignore the Angels at your own risk. The Angels couldn't catch a break last year and unlike there fellow division members have both pitching and hitting. While the Rangers have a formidable lineup their rotation has not shown enough consistency for me to expect a repeat of last year. While the A's have been a trendy pick due to a strong armed rotation their offense is embarrassing. Still don't understand what is going on up in Seattle. King Felix is the only thing that makes this team even watchable.

National League

East-1) Braves 2) Phillies 3) Marlins 4) Nationals 5) Mets

     The impressive pitching staff the Phillies have put together has overshadowed the lacking offensive production. The Braves are a more well rounded and complete team which will lead to them winning the East. The Marlins could be a sleeper with a young talent on the mound and at the plate. The Nationals and Mets whose futures are headed in opposite directions, will battle for the cellar.

Central-1) Brewers 2) Reds 3) Cardinals 4) Cubs 5) Pirates 6) Astros

     The division title is most likely to come down to the last week of September. The Brewers and the Reds have much more balance and depth than the Cardinals which face a formidable task in replacing Wainright. That being said, Larussa has done more with less. If a high payroll equalled wins then the Cubs would be frontrunners instead there inability to compete leads to some questions about management. The Pirates have a strong chance of improving to the point of staying out of the cellar, but this is mainly due to the Astros being in the rebuilding process.

West- 1) Giants 2) Rockies 3) Padres 4) Dodgers 5) Diamondbacks

     Top to bottom there is no better rotation than the Giants which have just enough offense to repeat as division winners. The Rockies have a strong lineup and a top heavy rotation. Without the management issues the Dodgers would be a higher pick due to a strong rotation. The Diamondbacks could give the Royals a run for there money as the worst team in baseball.


AL  Red Sox over the Angels     Yankees over the Twins 

Red Sox over the Yankees

NL  Braves over the Brewers     Phillies over the Giants

Phillies over the Braves

Red Sox win the series in six.

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