Time for a little early season Trade?

I know they just about never happen, they are about as common at this time of year as snow falling on the last day of April at a baseball game... ohh wait..

But obviously the Twins need some sort of boost some kind of spark, I think nobody could have predicted this many injuries, flu viruses, and sore ribs/knees all before the season's first 25 games were through.

However, I'm not exactly a tradionalist, whatever that means, nor am I a big fan of GM Bill Smith but that isn't to say he doesn't come to work everyday and try or contemplate ways in how he can make the Twins a better club, a better organization. (Yes I saw the GM interviews by Anthony Lapanta on FSN north not long ago but the only one i came away rather impressed with was the Wild GM -and I don't even remember his name, Spielman maybe untill the Vikes took Ponder - jab jab) Of course the saying goes once the season starts and the guys go north are the 25 guys and thats what you got. Holds some truth besides the others on the 40 man roster. In which unlike most years, we've used/abused regulary to this point this year. But I'm here to say time to buck the trend time to not just accept whatcha "got" and time not to just flip a coin for roster spot #23 , 24 , 25 and rotate players up down and around from the International league to the Major Leagues.

The Twins pride themselves on throwing strikes, playing great defense, and playing "Small Ball/smart ball" !  IF you havent' noticed in all 3 categories of Gardenhire's succesful tenures, this year We arn't doing any ONE of those regulary; yes last year you could say we did only two of those things Defense and throw strikes, but we relied on Power and home-runs a little more than usual, didn't do nearly as much running and manufactured a few less runs than we're accustomed to.  I know its still early, but in 2011 so far?  We're Not throwing strikes, largely to blame Francisco Liriano and James Hoey, Blackburn too - We're not playing great defense, probably still league average but thats not quite the Twins, and we're definetely not manufacturing runs or even scoring runs regulary yet. Concering? Well maybe but not soo fast, I'm not ready to throw out a bunch of red flags or wave any white bandanas. I think I'll just settle on wearing a White Beret to My first Target Field game EVER later this summer. But When or IF Mauer comes back 100%... Liriano gets back into 2008 or 2010 form, and the triumphant Nishioka returns they'll be better times to be had.

But why not look at helping the team out a bit now?  Yes, like May 1st?  Why not look to improve the team when we're obviously under-maned and in need of some kind of kick in the teeth.

That is why I say its time to re-connect with our old friends the Colorado Rockies, GM Dan O'Down has truely assembled one hell of a team, has a nice cast of characters and they are thriving right now. The hottest team in baseballl may be the Tampa Bay Rays, but in my opinion, the best team is the Rockies especially here in the early going. You look at the Roster and realize two things immediately 1) a lot of infield depth 2) a little lack of MLB ready starting pitching. Doesn't help SP Jeff Francis departed for the Royals and Aaron Cook is on the 60 day-DL - contrerary to that though, they have a solid and deep bullpen... Sounds like a near perfect match!?!?!?!

 That is why I'm targeting one player, specifically, and that ONE player is 2B Eric Young JR or EY2.

He currently is in AAA Pacific Coast League and doing very well (again) and is probably all but major league ready ... He is a guy who top prospect guru's didnt' have rated all that highly but still would definately crack a top 10 list.

He projects to steal between 50-60+ bases in the Majors a year and is quite the ideal #2 hitter in a lineup when he's on. Is a switch hitter and is 25 years old...

The one rather large flaw with him is his defense or lack there of at 2B, and i don't believe he really has any other positions, other than that his Dad, Eric Young SR. played LF and had a long durable solid career.

The Rockies have top prospects... C Wilin Rosario, P Juan Nicasio, Esmil Rogers, Chad Bettis, Christian Freidrich, Peter Tago, Casey Weathers, Tyler Matzek, Rex Brothers..  OF Charlie Blackmon, Kyle Parker, Ragael Ortega, 3B Nolen Arenado, 2B Hector Gomez, UTL Chris Nelson, Also catcher Mike McKenry who is major league ready in addition to Eric Young JR.

And the Twins who have a decent amount of OF depth and AAAA starters could flip a twosome or a trio of guys to get Eric Young JR...  1) the Rockies already have a young 2B in the majors John Herrera and have Chris Nelson, Ian Stewart and possibly Hector Gomez all major league ready and can play 2B...

so EY2 is to some degree is expendable, they also have a plethra of bullpen arms, my favorite RHP Matt Belisle and Matt Daley who could be acquired without all that much difficulty I would think.

A trade of Aaron Hicks, Jeff Manship, Nick Blackburn, if we eat a chunk of change, and maybe another player decent enough to get EY2 and Matt Belisle, Matt Daley?   You can't sit here and tell me the Rockies at least would not be more than willing to listen.

Link to Eric Young's stats page at fangraphs ------->


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