I miss the trees, but the new scoreboard is nice...

I wanted to scout some seats I've got for games outside my 20 game plan this year, so I took the opportunity at today's Gopher game.  While on my mission, I saw the new look batter's eye...


My first thought was "I miss the trees," followed by "I hope it's not finished."

More pics after the jump or you can find the full set at Flikr


When the sunlight hit it at the right angle, it looked plastic and wavy.  I hope there's some additional steps to complete it or it's going to look odd during the sunny games.


It looked a bit better when the sun sneaked behind a cloud, but it still has a block look to it instead of a solid wall.  The concrete blocks last year had a block look as well (I know, duh, they're actually blocks), but they had the pretty trees in front to add a natural touch.


It looks better in the picture taken with my cell phone, but only because it's just a 3MP camera.  What is captured well here is the new scoreboard.  We sat for a while in the wheelchair seats at the top of the lower level 3rd base sections and you still have a nice view of the new scoreboard (even under the overhang).  We couldn't access the left field bleacher seats but many if not all of them should have an eye line to it as well.

The Gophers lost game one but won the second of the doubleheader to take the 3 game series 2 to 1 from Purdue.  Announced crowd was 4K and change.  The Gophers were fun to watch so if you're looking to take a family for a less expensive Target Field experience, head out there for the next round on the Big Ten schedule (April 15-17). Stadium access was limited and not all concessions were open but they did have the Kramarczuk carts open with much shorter lines than during a Twins game.


P.S. If you're looking for tickets, but the game shows sold out online, try the ticket windows or machines at the field.  I'd never tried one of the automated ATM-like machines at the field, so on a lark I thought I'd see if there were any tickets for the July 16th Bert-day game.  I'd tried online with no luck and had settled for SRO.  To my surprise the machine popped up 2 seats in section 104.  The website still shows SRO only available.

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