Jays Sweep Twins as Bautista Homers Three Times

All week I've been defending the idea of keeping Brian Duensing in the rotation over Kevin Slowey, based off nothing "more" than the fact that Duensing had done his job reasonably well. Not to mention that Slowey couldn't warm up without getting sore. So how was he going to start if he's tender after just warming up? Anyway, Duensing made me look smart today, getting blown out of the water early. Seven runs on eight hits and a pair of walks in three innings is a big hole to put any offense into, much less ours.

Jose Bautista homered three times, once of Duensing and twice off Slowey, who came on in relief and pitched the rest of the game. His own line was certainly nothing to write home about: six innings and four runs, off five hits and the two Bautista bombs. At the very least it was good to see him throw and have decent command.

On the plus side today, Justin Morneau was 1-for-2 with an RBI double and a pair of walks. Michael Cuddyer added a hit and a walk. And Trevor Plouffe had a big double, an RBI and scored twice.

Is this just "one of those years"? One of those years where everything that could possibly wrong does? Players injured, underperforming and missing hits, pitches, grounders, dives by a matter of inches? Because right now that's what it feels like.

Studs, duds and notes after the jump.

Morneau, Cuddyer and Plouffe

Duensing, Young and Valencia

  • Slowey managed just as many ground outs and air outs, with six each. For a flyball pitcher that's interesting to note.
  • He was efficient, too. And he could be with that deficit. Slowey got through six innings on 74 pitches, 57 of which were strikes.
  • I'm looking forward to reading about how he feels tomorrow or Tuesday.
  • Bautista entered the series having 11 home runs. He leaves with 16. He was 7-for-14 with a pair of walks, an IBB, and not a single strikeout. What a monster. If there's anyone in baseball hitting better than he is right now, I don't know who it could be.
  • I watched three X-Men movies today. The one I didn't watch: X-Men 3. I can't wait for First Class.
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