Time to Talk Amatuer Draft

I know its still two weeks away, June 6th, But the Twins WHICH YOU HAVE TO DO THESE DAYS put themselves in reasobably good enough position to draft some top talent. (could of been much better had someone stepped up and signed Carl Pavano last off-season)

picking at #30 #50 and #55 in the first round and the supplemental round

in round 2 they don't pick until #87 overall !!!
Still in much better shape than the Tigers, White Sox, and a few others too...

This year may be the best draft in over a decade, and up there with 2005 and maybe last year but probably better than each of those two drafts. I've already heard from plenty of people that there will be college Jr. pitchers going in rounds 2 and even 3 that would normally in a average year go in the mid- to late first round.

The Teams that have taken the best route to draft this year are the Rays, Red Sox, and Blue Jays they have tons and tons of picks..... also the D'Backs, Nationals, Padres  and Rangers have more than the average amount of picks in the early going..... (not coincidentally these teams seem to have some of the Best Farm Systems in Baseball)

Now obviously in recent years the Twins do have a 'plan of attack' or a scenerio they like or hope for in ROUND 1 and it seems to be either a High School OF or a College SP who already is pretty polished who throws strikes and generally has good command. (*damn shooter hunt and steve blass disease sufferer alex wimmers)

2005 Matt Garza (college arm) -2006 Chris Parmelee (H.S. Bat) -2007 Ben Revere (H.S. Bat) -2008 Aaron Hicks (H.S. Bat) -2009 Kyle Gibson (college arm) -2010 Alex Wimmers (college arm) and it goes back even further with Plouffe/ Perkins in '04, Matt Moses in '03 and Denard Span and Joe Mauer before that all fit the bill as high school bats or College arms....

And i don't expect the Twins to buck that trend...

so with that in mind some possibilities at pick #30:

OF Brandon Nimmo (H.S.) Wyomming

OF Travis Harrison (H.S.) California

OF Josh Bell          (H.S.) Texas          (unfortunately probably will be gone)

OF Brian Goodwin Jr  (H.S.) Mia.

RSP Anthony Meo   Coastal Carolina Univ.

LSP Tyler Anderson  Oregon Univ.   (once drafted by Twins)

RHS John Stilson    Texas A&M       (once drafted by Twins, doubt we'd take him this early)

RSP Alex Meyer     Kentucky Univ.    (probably will be gone)

there are many more that still fit the Twins mold and could be taken at pick #30...

But if the Twins discontinue the trend there is a 2B in  Kolten Wong the polished college hitter from Hawaii 3B  Corey Spangenberg -stock keeps rising the hitter from Fla. and 3B Jason Esposito a college player & tons of High school arms like Dillon Howard, Tyler Beede, Daniel Norris, Henry Owens + more that would have to be brought along slowly....

Kyle Winkler (P) Andrew Susac (C) Francisco Lindor (SS)   are some other player i like, Lindor a high schooler may be a top 10 pick.

I will continue to re-search and read/discuss, watch video, see games in person as the draft nears and will update this as time goes on...... If i had to take a wild guess today, I say the Twins take OF Brandon Nimmo in round 1.      I'd prefer Travis Harrison but my guess is as good as anyones.

Another thing about this draft is the bloodlines factor =  Bichette JR- Goodwin JR- Jackie Bradley JR- Shawon Dunston Jr. and I'm sure there are more will all be looked at in the early rounds. Terry Ryan has a grandson eligible there are lots and lots of guys that had fathers / granfathers as former major leaguers.

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