Twins Beat Chicago 3-2, Sweep the "Septic Series"

With today's win against Chicago at US Cellular Field, the Twins are now a game and a half up on the new worst team in the league. Moral victories until the real ones start showing up, guys.

Nick Blackburn didn't pitch his prettiest game, and John Danks was outmatched by the offensive prowess of Jason Kubel, and overall, the game was just kind of ugly. Pickoffs were made, plays were botched, and batters were hit (GET OUT OF THE WAY, WHITE SOX).

Full recap, notes, and studs & duds after the jump.
Nick Blackburn had walked 4 batters in less than four innings, tying a season high. He had hit Carlos Quentin (Q's own fault, but whatever). He had only struck out one batter. By all means, Blackburn was not having a great game, though he'd held Chicago's anemic offense to one run through 6 2/3 innings. His efforts were enough, however, to ensure the Twins another win in Chicago. With the 'help' of Jose Mijares, Glen Perkins, and Matt Capps, of course. Mijares hit Lillibridge (as did Capps), and was pulled for Perkins to come in. Perkins gave up a hit and a walk, and was pulled so Capps could come in for a 5-out save. Capps gave up a hit and hit a batter, but otherwise did his job and secured the second straight win for Minnesota.

John Danks pitched well enough to keep a not-terrible team in the game, but alas, it wasn't enough. The White Sox are kiiiind of a hot mess right now, as the twitter-titled 'Septic Series' proved. Minnesota came in to Chicago in last place, with a terrible record and an even worse offense, and somehow, Chicago managed to lose both games. Rough. Nonetheless, Danks pitched 8 3-run innings with 3 walks and no strikeouts. Nothing spectacular, really, but not terrible, either. For some reason, they continued to pitch to Jason Kubel, the one Twin that has remembered that when the bat hits the ball, sometimes good things will happen.

-STEVE HOLM! was tragically optioned to Rochester, with no corresponding roster move. Not really sure what the plan is here, but I sincerely hope there is a trade/callup in the works, and soon. Butera cannot be everyday backup catcher.
-Jason Kubel is on fire-his .350 BA is second only to Jose Bautista in the AL.
-Denard Span is quietly having a good start to the season as well. He's hitting .293 and making some great plays.
-Even Ozzie admits that the White Sox suck...when he said "We suck". So there's that.

-Jason Kubel. Just keep hitting, Kubes. Just keep hitting.
-Denard Span. 2-for-3, 2 runs, and a walk.
-Uh...that might be it. I guess Blackburn for only allowing one run? Sure, why not.

-Jose Mijares. Why do you do this to us?
-Ehh...everyone else, I guess. Step it up.
-Jesse Crain. Don't insult your former fans, jerk.

Here's to the start of a new winning streak!
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