Week Five in Review

Twins Record This Week: 2 - 3
Twins Record Overall: 11 - 18
This Week's Fan Confidence Rating: 40

Just when you thought things really couldn't get any worse...the Twins came into Chicago and kicked the White Sox into last place. I think this week things come out pretty much even as a result. Five-game losing streak, bad for fan confidence. Two wins against the Sox while IN Chicago? Great for fan confidence.

Francisco Liriano's No-Hitter

There are so many reasons why this was an amazing accomplishment. The Twins needed a shot in the arm after suffering through not just that losing streak but a terrible start to the season. Liriano was in danger of losing his rotation spot. He'd never thrown a complete game before. No-hitters are rare from guys who have had Tommy John surgery. He didn't have his best stuff.

I'd like to think that, when 2011 has been written in the books, we could look back on Liriano's no-hitter as one of the catalysts that woke the club up. It's not likely right now, but in my mind...where it's saft and warm...

The end of the losing streak

I'm cheating on this one. That losing streak deserves a big red arrow. And of course the end of the streak itself isn't really going to up fan confidence, is it.

I just wanted another green arrow.

Sweeping the White Sox in Chicago

I know the Twins didn't necessarily played inspired baseball as a unit on Tuesday and Wednesday, but they won. And that's what matters.

Also what matters: that the Twins beat the Sox IN Chicago. Obviously I would have preferred that big mound celebration to take place in Minneapolis, but I also really like that we were able to do that on their turf. Because I don't like the White Sox, and watching that celebration gave me something to do while building my model train set.

120px-greenbutton_uparrow_svg_medium Jason Kubel

He's having a great start to the season. It's just even more pronounced because everyone else, barring Denard Span, has just been so terrible.

If only the Twins could put more runners on base for him.

Thanks for giving us someone to cheer for, Jason.

Jason Kubel
#16 / Designated Hitter / Minnesota Twins





May 25, 1982

2011 - Jason Kubel 29 103 12 36 9 0 3 13 8 18 1 0 .350 .395 .524

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