Trade Deadline Thread

As the Twins inch closer and closer to the AL Central lead, we as Twin's fans gain more and more hope concerning this current season. Unfortunately, reasonable Twins fans can see that coming back and barely winning the AL Central doesn't make our team favorites to beat the Yankees or the Red Sox. This is what I would like to be done at the trade deadline and in the offseason. Also, consider this an opportunity to trade your trade ideas and offseason strategies.

                                                                                          The Trade Deadline

Let's review our major league trade assets as of right now. Kubel, Cuddyer, Young, Slowey, Liriano, and Thome could all be traded for valuable pieces. 

Kubel - His foot injury has made his trade value fall drastically. His value to our team this year, when he comes back, is worth more than any marginal prospect we can receive  in return.

Cuddyer - It's just not going to happen even if he is our most valuable trade chip. Cuddyer and the Twins mutually love each other and that's not going to change anytime soon.

Thome - What we will get from Thome, lots of homeruns and publicity, outweighs a player to be named later in any trade.

Liriano - My personal belief with Liriano is that his complete loss of control and inconsistency will make teams stray away from overpaying for him. Liriano has a chance to be a great pitcher. He is worth a lot less now than his value last year. We can probably resign him relatively cheap after this year. I see him having a James Shields type turnaround next season and I hope that season is with the Twins.

Trade Proposal 1 - Minnesota trades: Kevin Slowey

                                   Cincinnati trades : Ryan Hanigan

Slowey has no place in this organization anymore and will be traded. Cincinnati has had trouble keeping their rotation healthy and is looking for another starter. With Ramon Hernandez and a glut of catching prospects in the minors, Hanigan (who's locked up for 2 years after this for cheap) is expendable. He can immediately step in and be a quality back-up catcher to Joe Mauer.

Trade Proposal 2 - Minnesota Trades: Delmon Young and Anthony Swarzak

                                  Philadelphia Trades: Michael Stutes and Cesar Hernandez

Michael Stutes has been a consistent bullpen arm for Philly this year and the Twins need bullpen arms. The Twins also could use some minor league potential in the middle infield and Hernandez fits the bill. Hernandez has a .258/.296/.326 line in Class A+. The line isn't awe inspiring but he has decent power potential and speed. In return we give Philly what they want, a righty bat in Delmon Young. To make the deal better for Philly we add Swarzak. Gibson can replace Swarzak's role on the 2011 team and Philly needs a starter due to Oswalt's injury and the inconsistency of their 5s.

These are just some ideas I had. What are some of yours?

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