Twins Drop Nightcap, 6-3 To Indians

We have his picture now!

All those who dreamed of moving within three games of Cleveland will have to wait for another series. Fausto Carmona threw six strong innings for the Indians, and the away team's bullpen locked down a doubleheader sweep.

Scott Diamond was okay on his major league debut, allowing four runs (three earned) in six and a third. Not bad for a first major-league start, but not spectacular either. We also have our first scouting report on him, as well, which is this: opposing players will hit the ball against him. A lot. He threw 90 pitches and got a grand total of one swinging strike. This may not necessarily disqualify him from pitching for the Twins, but he's not the type of guy who can blow anyone away.

Internet favorite Chuck James was singularly unimpressive, helping to put the game out of reach in the ninth by walking a hitter, balking him to second, then giving up a single and a triple. If Matt Capps had done this he would have been showered with garbage on the way off the field. Just saying.

At the plate, the Twins failed again to drive home runners in scoring position, going just 1-6 with runners on second base. Only Joe Mauer managed to single home a run, part of a day in which Mauer played two positions and got six hits. On the flip side was Ben Revere, who was 0-9 in the doubleheader and didn't manage to fight the ball all the way out of the infield all night.

Danny Valencia homered in the sixth. Trevor Plouffe went deep in the ninth. These are good things, but they also were Minnesota's only hits after the fifth inning.

The loss drops the Twins all the way to seven behind Cleveland in the Central standings. Granted, there are two more games in this series, and nearly 70 left in the season. But this particular Monday still has that feeling of putting a major, major dent in the Twins' chances this year.


3: Phil Dumatrait's only contribution was to allow a single, driving in Cleveland's fourth run.
2. The aforementioned Ben Revere lands here for his impressive 0-9 on the day.
1. Chuck James, about whom no more need be said except that I plan to call him "Internet favorite Chuck James" forever.


3. Scott Diamond, only because I talked to some very, very nice people from Guelph today, and they're so proud of the local boy made good.
2. Joe Mauer, for getting six hits today and raising his average from .260 to .290.
1. I don't know. The Twins lost twice today. No matter how long I type, nothing good will have happened.

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