Losing Faith I Thought I'd Lost


Let me see if i got this straight:

The Twins are currently 6.5 GB and slipping. They are trailing the beatable A's for the second day in a row. They can't seem to make up their mind whether or not they want to win games consistently or simply continue to stick the bat over the plate and hope for a lucky gust of wind.

The Tiger's Verlander came close for what feels like the 20th time this season to becoming unstoppable (he was 4 outs from his 2nd no hitter of the season).

The Indians just acquired Jimenez who may not be as impressive as he was for 2010's 1st half, but I feel that the change of scenery and altitude will be good to him, and bad for the Twins.

The White Sox did nothing, but that much doesn't surprise me, they were in the same position as the Twins with lower quality options.

Now the Twins are known for getting-after-it, and such. I love this mentality. But when you surround yourself by good guys, the going after it will only be okay if the other team is alright that we put in a little effort, and the fans won't be frightened if we put in a little effort. 

The tickets for this season have already been sold. It is alright to have a beautiful stadium that's left a little under appreciated at times, because when it is rediscovered, the fan base will treat it like a diamond in the rough. When Aaron Hicks is ready to patrol center with Joe Benson in right, the stadium will be the most hoppin' thing since Easter.

But if we are truly going for it this season, and the guys that we have right now have sort-of, kind-of, just under the level of wanting to care, kept us in the race, then where was the big acquisition to push us over the edge. Carl Pavano is a mistake. Duensing starting is a mistake. Kevin slowey in the minors is a mistake. Denard Span being anywhere near the dog house is a mistake. I am so sad I have to even write those two in the same sentence when not discussion canine pets.

The Twins have in house solutions. Remember that run? Those were fill-ins. And everyone was blinded by the Ws to see the winning was by guys playing out of their minds for us. Not the men who have been spoiled with inflated contracts. 

So my big question is. If this is a team that is supposed to contend, where are the pieces that are supposed to do that? If the Twins are out of it, as the feeling goes, then how in the world can you justify the greed and lackadaisical approach by the front office?

The answer I am telling myself is that the FO finally got smart and was holding trade partners accountable, but for some reason I just don't feel right with that.

Second long in post in as many days, but as only one fan I feel like I need to get my voice heard in hopes of gaining some traction.

In summary, it is evident now that for the Twins to continue any sort of contention in the coming months and years, SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!

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