Twins 7, White Sox 6: Well, They Still Know How to Win

I really, really miss Frustrated Ozzie. The Twins have taken so much from us this year...

The Twins were looking to at least avoid the sweep in Chicago today, which they did with no apparent ease, beating the White Sox 7-6. The lineup showed a lot of spark in the first inning, scoring a quick six runs off Chicago starter Jake Peavy, and Scott Diamond pitched well enough to earn a quality start (and a win), and with just a little drama from the bullpen, Minnesota finally managed to win again.

Full recap after the jump.

The first inning festivities really began with a Trevor Plouffe double. Joe Mauer then hit a ground rule double to center field, scoring Plouffe. Twins 1, Sox 0. Next up to bat was Michael Cuddyer who hit the third double in a row, scoring Joe Mauer from 2B. Twins 2, Sox 0. Jason Kubel, PROFESSIONAL HITTER, had seen enough of that ground rule double business and took Peavy deep to left field. Twins 4, Sox 0. Rene Tosoni would reach base on an infield hit, and Luke Hughes stepped to the plate, launching Peavy's pitch to deep left-center field. Twins 6, Sox 0.

After that, the Twins did what they've done most of the season and took a break on offense. The pitching allowed 6 ER on the evening, despite Diamond's best efforts at keeping the Twins in the game. The bullpen combined went 3 IP, allowed 6 hits, walked 2, and allowed 3 ER. Matt Capps came in in the 7th, gave up one hit, and was replaced by Matt Guerrier Glen Perkins, who gave up 3 hits, walked one, and was responsible for one of the earned runs. Joe Nathan, doing his best Everyday Eddie impression, came in in the 9th to close out the game, and after giving up 2 runs, eventually closed the door on the White Sox and gave the Twins their 57th win of the season.

Oh, and Jason Repko hit a home run in the 7th inning. Yeah, just when you think you have this team figured out...

-Scott Diamond. Really, a quality start is more than I was hoping for. Well done.
-Joe Mauer. 2-for-4, RBI, run scored.
-Luke Hughes, home run machine.

-Hey, we won. Let's enjoy it.

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