Scouting Report - Kyle Gibson / Buxton News & "New" Format Rant

A poster at Sickels site posted a report of Kyle Gibson today:

This poster's bio actually looks kind of good so its pretty interesting to see. It makes me more than hopeful about Gibson's future. He calls Gibson a future ace, something you don't hear very often. Some of the comments are a good read.

Then he had a mini discussion on Buxton:

What a great site!

Indecently I was going to make this a fanshot but then saw that there has not been any new fanshots in quite some time. Then I looked at thedates on all of the fan posts and noticed not a lot of activity. If I had to guess its because of this terrible new format. SB Nation really did a disservice to its site editors like Jesse and should have done some more testing. I don't want to make this a "get off my lawn" rant but I guess it might become that. I just am not getting used to the new format at all. In fact I am just getting used to getting annoyed by it.

I hate the stupid featured stories pictures that come up as the masthead. I want that gone. I actually don't mind where fanposts but the frame should be widened a bit so its not so cramped w/o the stupid white space.

I think the thing that makes this new format so unreadable is the magazine style picturesl/inks that come up top. Also I follow Seahawks football and was an avid reader of the best football site in the nation, But now the game threads don't load well and its just a mess. When the MLB regular season starts I expect Twinkietown readers to experience a poor game thread experience as well.

They have commented how readership has plumented at Fieldgulls and from the lack of new reader content on this site and a few othersi I go to I wonder if that is not the same across the baord.

Too bad. The idea of the SB nation had great promise. But this format just stinks. It really is not "reader friendly" at all. Instead its sparse, you don't know what you are looking at and just a poor piece of design.

What can Twins fans learn from this? Change for Change Sake is not a good plan. I hope the FO learns from the folly of SB Nation (and the MN Timberwolves) and does simply fire Gardy w/o a plan to correct the issues in front of them.


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